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Another Hook up Horror Story

I had so much fun talking about my worst hook up that it seems a lot of people really enjoyed laughing at me. That’s fine. One of my friends liked it so much that she asked me to relay her worst hook up experience. It’s a pretty good one, so I’ll tell it the same way that she told it to me. If she still enjoys it after other people find out about it, maybe I’ll make it a regular things. There’s nothing wrong with sharing our most humiliating experiences and they’re always a good laugh.

She knew the guy

So this was a guy that she had hooked up with in the past. They had done it enough times that they were both able to start getting a little weird with the sex and that’s always a good thing. Anyway, she was horny one night, so she called him up. He didn’t have anything going on, so he invited her over. She showed up and, just like in my story, the guy was hammered. The two of them drinking together was nothing new, but she stone cold sober and he was about ready for a nap. They decided to just get into bed and go at it.

He went first

She says that the mistake she made was not paying attention to how close he was in his state. She was lying next to him and just jerking him off. It was all she could do to keep him hard in her hand. She was so focused on getting him stiff enough to fuck her that she lost all track of just how much stroking she was doing. He was in so state to tell her to stop, so she says that he just came in her hand. That was it for any hope of sex, plus she learned that men don’t have to be fully erect to ejaculate.

He tried to make it up to her

Even I his drunken haze, he felt a little bad about shooting his load off like that. He decided he could at least do the same for her and reached over to give her a handy. It would have been a nice gesture if he didn’t start snoring as soon as he touched her clit. So, basically she just went over to a drunk guy’s house, jerked him off, and now she just lying in bed next to his snoring self.

She still got a hand job

She says that now that he was passed out and she was still worked up, she just had to make the best of it. She just grabbed his hand and used it like a sex toy. She flicked her bean with a sleeping man’s hand and came all over it. Then she just rolled over, pulled his arm over her shoulder and fell asleep for the night. Hey, it’s still sex, even if you have to do all of the work yourself!