Hookup Tips

How to Hook up with a Married Woman

There are lots and lots of married women out there who hook up with other guys. It’s just a simple fact of nature. They stop getting what they need at home and have to get it elsewhere. If you want to be the guy to give it to them, it can be the most satisfying hook up sex of your life. These women are always desperate for satisfaction and are more than grateful to the men that give it to them. You just have to know what’s going to be in store for you.

Keep your Mouth Shut

The very first thing that you have to do is keep your big mouth shut. You can’t go out blabbing about what you did to a married woman last night. Discretion is a must and it always has to inform your actions and decisions. Just keep what you do together between yourselves. No cheating woman wants her husband to find anything out. If she learns that you’re telling other people what’s going on then she’s just going to cut the whole thing off. That’s never worth getting a high five from your stoner friends.

Be ready when She is

You also have to realize that this is all going to be on her schedule. She’s going to text you or call you when her husband is out or she can slip away. Never try to push her into sex when she says that she can’t have it. It’s going to stress an already stressful situation. That also means that you have to be ready to take care of her at odd hours. If her husband suddenly slips out at midnight and she’s in need, you have to be ready to jump into your car and jump into her.

Make it as Much Fun as Possible

Finally, you just want to make it all as much fun for her as you possibly can. It’s what she’s after in the first place. She’s not risking everything because she wants to have another relationship that isn’t any fun. She wants to have a good time and you get to give it to her. Always have a smile on your face and never burden her with your problems. It’s not why she’s hooking up with you. Show her a good time and you’ll have a booty call that’s more satisfying than any other girl could possibly ever be.

Hookup Lifestyle

Women who pay for Sex

It’s going to come as a shock to most people that there are women out there who actively pay for sex. Yes, it’s not just desperate men who do it. It seems like a crazy thought. All a woman has to do is say that she’s horny and she can have twenty guys at her door ready to take care of it for her. It’s just not that simple, though. Sometimes a girl just has to open up her pocket book and pay for a little action. Here are the reasons why women have to pay for sex.

They have Fetishes

One of the biggest reasons for a woman to end up paying for sex is her fetish. There are women out there who just don’t have any men in their vicinity who are willing to give in to their kinky needs. Their fetishes can be that far out there, or they could just call for a skilled hand. Just because a guy agrees to tie her up and spank her doesn’t mean he knows what the hell he’s doing. That’s why she has to rely on a professional who can give her what she really needs to feel satisfied and whole.

The need Absolute Discretion

The next reason is that they’re either married or in a position where they can’t let their sexual activity be known. It’s simply the safest option to pay for someone’s silence. A male prostitute or escort isn’t going to go blabbing about his job to anyone. He’s just going to do what he has to do and move right on. There’s absolutely no risk of connection or camaraderie. It’s a simple paid transaction and that’s it. It’s the safest way to get what they need without anyone ever finding out.

She feels she’s Too Old

The saddest reason for a woman to pay for sex is that she simply feels that she’s too old to get it any other way. It makes sense, really. Just because a woman gets older doesn’t mean that the fire goes out. She still has needs and it’s not like she can hit up the local bar or dating app. She talks to her friend Phyllis who says that Edith knows a girl who once paid a nice young man to dust off her love tunnel and she’s suddenly one more woman paying for sex.

It Doesn’t Have to Be

The reason for bringing all of this up is that it simply doesn’t have to be this way. These women could just as easily be hooking up for free instead of paying for it. They deserve someone who can actually tend to all of their needs and satisfy them the way that they need. That’s why it’s so important that there are men out there who know what they’re doing. The next time you hook up with someone, don’t just bang them. Give them the kind of experience that drive them wild and listen to their needs. You might just save them from having to pay for something that you can give them for free.

Hookup Destinations

Best Cities for Hookups

How often you hook up can have a lot to do with where you live. Apps like Tinder like to track where they get the most use and it turns out that not all cities are built the same. Some of them are just created for hooking up and it’s difficult to see why if you really think about it. Some are based on romance and others are simply based on climate. If you want to hook up a lot, then you might just want to consider a change of scenery. Here are four of the best cities to hook up in around the United States.

#4 Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a city that’s filled with singles that don’t have time for relationships. All of the girls are busy trying to become actors while they work at the local run and tug or coffee shop. All of the guys are way too buys sitting at those coffee shops while they work on their scripts that no one but their mothers will ever actually read. Add the great climate and nightlife and you have a city that’s ready to get you laid the second you sign on your apartment.

#3 Oakland, California

Ask anyone if they want to take a trip to Oakland and they’re either going to laugh in your face or ask you if you’re feeling alright. It’s not exactly known for its art scene or romanticism. All of that is changing, though. It turns out that it’s all being gentrified by the white upper-middle class and they’re all horny. Sure, they’re pushing out families that have lived in the area for decades and making it impossible for their children to continue living in their family homes, but, eh. At least these yuppies are easy and ready to spread their legs for any hard rolling local with an air of danger about him.

#2 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The city of brotherly love is anything but. Women here outnumber men by 14.1% and that’s a huge number. There are tons of single women that are practically begging for someone to take care of them. There just aren’t enough swinging dicks to go around and they’ll take anything they possibly can. It makes you wonder why Rocky wasted so much time running up and down stairs when he could have been getting action around every single corner.

#1 Chicago, Illinois

Chicago has a lot against it. It’s in the Midwest, it’s cold as shit, and it’s always grey. That’s probably why it’s the best city to get a hookup in the U.S. It’s just too miserable outside and the 8.5% more women there just want to be warm and inside. They’re more than willing to let you inside them if you’re willing to let them inside your house to warm up for a few hours. When it’s always cold outside, it’s usually hot and sweaty inside. There’s a reason that so many men deal with the brutal winters. They get them super laid!

Hookup Stories

The Best Hookup I’ve ever had

We’ve all had that one hookup that we wish we could relive over and over again. It doesn’t matter if it was because it was with a really fun person or if the sex was just amazing. It was so impressive that it settled deep in our brains to sit there until we want to replay it all on a lonely night. I thought that I would share my personal favorite hookup. You may have had hookup that were better for you, but this one just did it for me. It’s the best I’ve ever had and I hope to have a lot more just like it.

It was with a Booty Call

This wasn’t just some random hookup that night. I suppose it might be possible for it to happen with a total stranger, but it’s much less likely. This was a girl that I had hooked up with in the past and was hoping to hook up with on that night. I was texting her when she brought up her friend who lived right down the street from me. They were apparently talking about hanging out and she asked me if I could pick up the friend and head over to her place. I figured it was worth playing a taxi driver if it meant hooking up with my booty call at the end of the night, so I agreed to it.

The Friend was Crazy

Her friend was out of her mind and I mean that in the very best way. As soon as she got into my car, she started bitching about catching her boyfriend cheating on her. She kept saying that she was going to get revenge and wouldn’t shut up about it. I was just about to resign myself to an awful night of complaining and boredom when she reached over and grabbed my dick over my pants. It was certainly a shock, but I wasn’t going to complain about it. I certainly didn’t complain when she leaned over, took it out, and blew me all of the way to the booty call’s house. She was still wiping me off of her lips when we got out and went inside.

It was All Planned Out

It turned out that the entire night had already been planned by the two girls. They had both been scheming about helping her get revenge on her cheating boyfriend, and what better revenge than a threeway with her friend and her friend’s booty call? These two girls went at each other like they had been flirting and horny for each other for years. Then they turned their attentions toward me. They wanted to do it all and they really wanted me inside every single hole that the cheated on girl had to offer. I guess it made the revenge all the more delicious. It went on for hours and let’s just say that it was the very first time that I found out what it meant to be fully and completely emptied out.

I’m always looking for My Next Best

It was an amazing hookup and I always look back on it with a smile. It gives me hope that hooking up will just keep leading to crazier and more satisfying scenarios. It’s part of the reason that I still hook up as much as I do. If you’re on the fence about hooking for your first time, just take the plunge. You never know what kind of fun that you’re going to be getting yourself into and you never know how crazy the girls are going to be getting.

Hookup Tips

MILFs love to Hook up with Younger Guys

Loving to hook up is natural. People love to have sex and they don’t always want to put the effort into starting a new relationship. In fact, being in a relationship just isn’t as much fun as hooking up with strangers. There’s no excitement when you’re just having sex with the same person over and over again. The problem comes when you can’t find a hook up for the night. There are far too many nights that end in you being horny and all alone, but the truth is that it’s happening because you’re not looking in the right places.

Find an Older Woman to Fuck

Relying on being able to find horny women your age is never a winning scheme. What you have to do is expand your horizons to include women 10, 15, or even 20 years older that you are. The women of this age group are the MILFs that you’ve always heard so much about. They’re mature, attractive women who love to fuck just as much as you do. The best part is that they’re much more likely to be out and looking for hook ups than the younger girls you find.

Younger Men are Better than Older Men

The main reason that these MILFs are prowling around for you is really simple. They just prefer younger men. The older guys just can’t give them what they need. They don’t have the energy that the younger guys like you do. They also don’t have the same kind of passion for fucking. Just think about eating ass and getting a girl so hot and horny that she can’t stop herself from begging you to fuck her. That’s something that an older guy just isn’t going to care about anymore. He’s already done it and sex is more of a chore than anything. You probably love the idea and that’s why a MILF is looking for you right now.

Married Women are the Horniest

If you really want to go all out and ensure that you’re going to get fucked when you need it, you have to look at married women. It’s insane just how many of them are willing and able to cheat on their husbands to get what they need. They’re tired of begging them to take care of their sexual needs. It drives them to make the decision to step out with a younger guy who can fuck them all night long, just like they need. If you have a problem with helping someone cheat, just remember why it’s happening. These husbands had every chance of keeping their wives at home. All they have to do was give them the dick. They refused and now you get to fuck their amazing women for them.

Do Her a Favor

Go and find an older woman right now. Find out what kind of sex she’s missing in her life. Tell her how hot and sexy she is. Tell her how much her body turns you on. She hasn’t heard it in far too long. Then head out and fuck her like you’ve been poisoned and her pussy is the only antidote. You’ll be doing her a favor and you’ll finally find someone to fuck when you need it, not just when it happens to happen. Keep your dick wet and well submerged in MILF pussy. It’s the best way to always have a hook up ready to go. Just make sure you keep your mouth closed about it. No one needs their husband to find out that she’s taking young dick and loving every single inch of it!