Hookup Tips

Bringing out her Lesbian Side

Having one on sex with a girl is all well and good but sometimes you want a little bit more. If there’s one thing that all girls have in common, it’s that they all have a lesbian side. It’s just the way that they’re built. Women crave passion and sensuality. They can’t get as much of it as they want with men. That’s’ just not how they want. Men are there to give them raw sexual pleasure and get them off. That’s why all women end up fantasizing about other girls. They can imagine having sex with them for hours and feeling the erotic waves coursing down from their head to their feet. If you want to watch two girls have sex, or have a threeway, all you have to do is bring out that side of your hook up.

Tell her how sexy it is

You want to start off by making sure that you tell her how sexy it all is. Tell her that you fantasize about two girls having sex with each other and that it turns you on more than anything else. Make her understand that playing with another girl will make her the sexiest thing that you can possibly imagine. That’s going to work to make it all okay for her to really consider having lesbian sex.

Make it easy for her

Once you get her thinking about it, all you have to do is set it all up. Put her in a position where another girl is right there and willing to get off with her. It’s going to put her in a place where she really has no reason to say no at all. Once there’s no reason to say no, you’ll be rewarded with being part of a passionate lesbian love affair that no one ever wants to end.