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Hooking up with Friends

We all have those friends that we want to have sex. There’s nothing really wrong with it. Our friends can be hot and we can be attracted to them. Of course, we already know them so well that we know we’d never make it as a couple. That’s why it’s never a bad idea to just hook up with each other from time to time. If you’re both in need and you have the time, there’s no real reason not to. There are just a few rules you should follow to keep things from getting awkward.

Keep the sex between you

If you’re part of a group of friends and you decide to hook up with one of them, just keep it between the two of you. That means nixing the PDA. Your other friends can know about it if you want, but you never want to be romantic around them. Friend time is friend time and sex time is sex time. It might seem fun to sneak away at a party and bang each other in the bathroom, but you’re just making it awkward for everyone else. They know what’s going on and you’re just fooling yourself if you’re thinking any differently.

Always pull out

This is one that’s going to rub a lot of people the wrong way, but you always want to pull out when you cum. It doesn’t matter if she’s on birth control and you’re wearing a condom. You don’t want there to be any chance at all of getting her pregnant. Getting a random girl pregnant it one thing. Getting a friend pregnant is another. You’ll always have to deal with that way. Just pull out and bust on her stomach and you’ll never have to worry about it happening to you.

Let her be kinky first

If you’re kinky then you want to keep that to yourself at first. Never be the first one to bring it up. If she thinks that your desire to pee on her or tie her up and spank her boobs is weird, your friends are going to hear all about it. If she brings it up first then you can comfortably let your kinks out to her. Let her put her cards on the table first, then you can both know what’s going with the other person and it will stay between the two of you.

Don’t be afraid of it

If your friendship is strong then you don’t have to worry about hooking up with each other. If you stop having sex then you can just go right back to being friends. You don’t have to be afraid of losing in the process. Just give it a shot and see how it feels. You never know how good the sex can be until you have it. Just let it all hang out there and have fun together. It’s the best thing for any hook up enthusiast to ever do when they come across someone they want.

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Fetishists Love to Hook up

There are a lot of people who love to hook up, but you’re never going to find a group that does it more than fetishists. You can always find a man or woman who’s into some form of fetish that wants to have casual sex. The reason for it is pretty simple. If you’re the kind of person who finds it difficult to orgasm without a specific act or object then they’re going to have to go through a lot of different people to make it happen. Finding one person who can give them what they need all of the time is next to impossible and that’s why they’re looking for you.

Advertise your fetish

The best way to take advantage of this is to always make sure you’re letting everyone else know what you’re into. It doesn’t matter what it is. There’s always going to be someone who’s also looking for it. It can’t be too esoteric or taboo for it not to work. If you’re putting yourself out there, then you’re going to find someone to have sex with. If you can give them what they can’t find everywhere else then it turns you and your fetish into a commodity.

It can make it easy on you

What’s really great about the fetish hook up is that you don’t always have to put a lot of work into making the other person happy. In fact, you don’t even have to be into the fetish. Just take the tickling fetish for example. It usually affects women and it’s all they’re usually after. If you can find a girl who wants to be tickled, then that’s all you have to do to her. You don’t have to worry about getting her off or anything else. She’s after being tickled and that’s it. Once you do that for her, she’s going to make all of your dreams come true for you. Spend a little while tickling her and she’s going to return the favor with any body part that you want her to. Just make sure you work it all out ahead of time. She gets tickled and you get a blowjob. It’s that easy and you’re always going to find someone who wants to do it. She can’t just go out and get tickled from the regular guys. That’s why she needs someone like you to help her out.

Explore as many as you want

If you want an easy way to get laid then just look to fetishists. Find out what the ones around you are into and see if you want to provide it for them. You don’t have to be the same kind of fetishist. If you can give them what they need then you’ll get what you want. Be ready to try out different fetishes and focus on the ones with the highest returns. Offer something special and you’ll something special in return, it’s really that simple when you’re in the hook up world.

Hookup Lifestyle Hookup Tips

You don’t have to be Single to Hook Up

The best thing about hooking up is that it’s really for everyone. You don’t have to just sit around and go without sex just because you’re in a relationship. No one cares about that at all. If you want to get laid and your girlfriend, wife, husband, or boyfriend won’t take care of you, you can find someone who will. In fact, some men and women specifically seek out attached people for their hook ups. There are different reasons for it, but they all end the same way. Married and attached people can get laid whenever they need it.

It turns some women on

One of the best things about it is that it turns a lot of women on. Girls are naturally competitive with each other. It’s just the way that they are. If you come across a woman who wants to hook up and she finds out that you’re married, it’s just going to give her more reason to fuck you. She wants to be better than your wife and she wants to give you things that she won’t. It makes her feel like the dominant female in your life and she loves it.

Married women seek out married men

Then you get married women who are only looking for married men. It just makes sense. These women need you to be incredibly discreet about your relationship. If you’re married as well, you’ll be certain to keep your mouth shut. It’s why a married woman is going to pass up a single guy for one who’s already attached. You both have the same thing to lose and neither one of you wants that to happen. It’s one of your best bets when you need it and your wife won’t give it up.

Bring her along

Of course, you can always just choose to bring your wife or girlfriend along with you. There are always couples and single who want to have some group sex. It can work to be the thing that your relationship is missing. If you’re not having sex with each other, it could just be that the spark is missing. Bringing in another person or couple can be just what your relationship needs. If you want to get that old feeling back, let yourself experiment a little bit. It’s the best way to finally get laid and rebuild your relationship as a sexual powerhouse at the same time.

Hookup Lifestyle Hookup Tips

Toys to Have for your Hook ups

Sex toys are nothing new. Most people have a few in their drawers right now. You could sneak into any woman’s bedroom and find at least a vibrator and maybe a magic wand stashed under their beds. That means that you have to have a few of your own if you want to have amazing hook ups. The simple fact of the matter is that if a girl can have better and more fulfilling orgasms by herself, there’s no reason for her to go out to cum. She could just take care of herself and call it a night. Here are a few toys that you should have, or at least consider getting.

The Sybian

The biggest sex toy that most people overlook is the Sybian. This is a saddle that vibrates. A woman can straddle is and just ride it to a powerful and unforgettable orgasm, and that’s just the base toy. There are lot of add ons that you can get for it, like a vibrator that revolves around and around and makes it impossible for the woman not to cum. The best part is that it’s all controlled by a remote in your hands so she’s at your mercy at all times.

The Vibrating Egg

If you really want to have a good time with your hook up, you should have a vibrating egg at your disposal. This is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an egg that slides into the vagina and stays there. Once again, it’s operated by remote control. You can set it off while you’re playing in the bedroom or you can use it out in public. Nothing is better than giving your hook up a trembling and moaning orgasm in the middle of a restaurant.

Nipple Clamps

If you want to give your hook up constant pleasure and make sure she knows that you’re in charge, you want to have some nipple clamps around. These will constantly pinch her nipples so she always has to think of them and the pleasure that they’re giving her. It will make her nipples so sensitive that a simple brush against them will send her crashing headlong into an orgasm. It’s something that she’s not likely to have on her own, so it gives her a reason to ask if she can over for a night of nipple play.

Butt Plug

It doesn’t have to be huge, but you definitely want a butt plug around. This is a toy that’s going to enhance any woman’s pleasure. She’s going to love the sensation of something in her ass while you have sex with her. There’s a reason that most women fantasize about DP and this is how you can give to them. One orgasm with a plug in her butt and she’s going to be hooked on it. She’ll never want to cum with one again and you’ll have it ready for her whenever she starts to crave a little DP.


Even if you don’t want to spend any money on sex toys, just have something from around the house that you can use on them. A simple hair brush is more than enough to turn a simple hook up into a night of kinky action. Just think of all of the ways that your possessions can be used for sex. A hair brush can be used to spank any part of her body. Any piece of fabric can be a blindfold. Even her own panties can be stuffed into her mouth to assert your dominance over her and make her feel dirty. Anything is a sex toy if you’re brave enough and creative enough.

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Hooking up for Halloween

When the time for Halloween starts to roll around it opens up a whole new level that you can add to your hook ups. While the two things might not seem like they’re related, it can honestly make it the easiest time to find yourself a hook up. The simple fact is that there are men and women who absolutely love the season and the holiday. These are people who love to jump into the skin of other people. They play dress up and they really lose themselves in the Halloween festivities. For the right people, that means a whole lot of fucking.

Cosplay leads to Roleplay

Halloween is really all about the cosplay. It’s the greatest time of year for men and women who love to put costumes together and pretend to be someone or something else. On the surface level, it’s all good fun. Just below that surface is a burning love of roleplay. Men and women act like it’s all about a good time on the outside but they’re really thinking about it much differently underneath. If you’re pretending to be someone else than you just can’t help but thinking about how these other people have their sex.

Anything goes for the Whole Month

October has thirty-one days in it. That means thirty-one days that the kinky get to live out all of their sexual fantasies. Men and women who love to hook up also love to make it interesting. You don’t have to look at the girls in slutty costumes for long to realize that they’re all horny and on the market for some action. If you can find a woman who’s dressed up as your favorite character, then you’re looking at a woman who can be that character and take you for a wild ride that you’ll never be able to forget about.

There’s no Shame when you’re Someone Else

The best thing about the whole thing is that there’s no shame in exploring your filthiest kinks because it’s not you doing it. It’s whatever person you happen to be dressed up as. A woman dressed up like a slutty police officer is going to be more than happy to play around with bondage. It’s all just part of the character that she’s playing. She doesn’t have to worry about being seen a sexual deviant in the real world. It was all part of the Halloween fun!

Find your Perfect Lay

You can really have sex with any person that you’ve ever fantasized about. You just have to find someone dressed up as them. It can be a real pop culture icon or it can be a type of person. It can even be an angelic princess or a taboo loving devil. It’s all up to you and how far you want to take your fantasies during this special month. Just seek out your ultimate fantasy and you’ll be able to make all of your own dreams come true with a horny roleplay hook up.