Hookup Tips

How to let Her Show Off

It’s only a matter of time before you come across an exhibitionist while you’re hooking up. They’re really all over the place and they love to have casual sex. It’s the very best way for them to show themselves off to brand new people whenever they want. The only thing an exhibitionist needs is someone to make her feel sexy and she’s getting most of what she wants. In fact, the sex is sometimes secondary to women like this. They get their thrill from showing off and may not want to have sex at all. Don’t be surprised is a girl just wants you to watch her masturbate before she jerks you off or gives you a blowjob. Here’s how you make it worth her while.

Be vocal

The very first thing you have to do is make sure you’re vocal while you’re watching her. If you just sit back and let her do her thing then it’s not going to be that good for her. You have to make sure you tell her that she’s hot and that she’s turning you on. That’s what she’s really after. It doesn’t matter if she’s doing something you’ve seen a million times before. Just make her feel like she’s blowing your mind by the way she fucks herself.

Touch her while she works

After she’s done showing you her stuff, she’s going to go to work on you. You have to make it feel like you can’t keep your hands off of her. Just keep them moving all over her and you’re going to make her happy. Touch anything that you can from your position. It’s never a bad idea to tell her how great she is at working your cock. Again, it doesn’t matter if she is or not. Just hearing that she is will be enough to keep her coming back to jerk you off.

Hookup Tips

How to Hook up with a Pregnant Woman

There’s one thing about pregnant women that a lot of people don’t like to think about. The simple fact is that a pregnant woman has a whole lot of different hormones coursing through her body. That’s what leads her to crave weird foods and general be an emotional mess. On top of all that, pregnant women get super horny. Pregnancy affects everyone differently, but it’s always there. Some of them are constantly horny while other can just be minding their own business when their pussies suddenly flood and they can’t stop themselves from attacking their own holes. If you can be there when they need it, you can have a whole lot of sex. You just have to know what you’re doing.

You don’t have to hold it all back

One of the most important things to know is that she’s not made out of glass. You don’t have to hold yourself back when it comes to anything that isn’t a gently humping. You can spank her as much as you want and pull her hair until she screams. As long as you’re not choking her or close to her stomach, you’re pretty much clear to do anything that you know she enjoys.

Be prepared for gas

There’s one thing that you really have to make yourself ready for. Pregnant women are extremely gassy. They can’t help it. If you’re going to be having sex with one then you have to be ready for the farting. It’s best if you can just let it happen and not mention it. It’s going to pull a woman right out of the mood if you open a window or tell her how badly it stinks. Once again, she can’t help it. You have to put up with it and pretend that it’s not happening.

Try doggy style

Getting on top of her is going to be a challenge. It’s also not going to be all that comfortable for her. If you want to get into an easy position then you just want to go right for doggy style. That’s going to be the best way to get inside her without any trouble. You can also let her ride you. She’s just going to be a lot heavier than you’re expecting. This position comes with the added benefit of her having more control over her asshole when the gas bubbles up inside her.

Cum anywhere you want

The best thing about having sex with a pregnant woman is that you can get her pregnant again. That means you’re free to just shoot your load right inside her. Let it flow and you’ll never have to worry about it again. It’s the most freeing experience that you can possibly have when you’re having sex with a stranger. It’s why so many pregnant women end up with a creampie fetish after it’s all over. The just can’t get over how much fun it is to let anyone blow his load inside her without any consequences at all afterward.

Hookup Lifestyle Hookup Tips

How to Hook up with a Cuckoldress

Spend enough time hooking up and you’re going to come across a cuckoldress. This is a woman who derives sexual pleasure from humiliating her husband by having sex with other men. They’re usually upfront about it so you’re going to know what you’re getting yourself into. If you think that having sex with a cuckoldress is the same thing as having an affair with a married woman then you’re very wrong. What makes this whole thing exciting for both the woman and the man is that the husband knows all about it. That means that you have to adjust your action accordingly.

Be very explicit

If you’ve had an affair with a married women before then you probably kept it all very discreet. That’s’ not going to happen here. You can’t be discreet. The husband is supposed to know all about it. He’s supposed to read her text messages and get humiliated by them. That means you have to be explicit when you text her. You have to talk about what you want to do to her pussy and how hard you’re going to give her your dick. That’s what she’s after and she’ll be responding in the same exact ways.

You’ll be watched

When it comes time to actually have sex with her, you’re probably going to have an audience. The husband is going to want to watch and the wife is going to want him to see it all as it happens. You really have to be okay with that. There aren’t many ways that you can get around it. If you hate the idea of someone sitting in the corner and watching you do your thing to his wife then you’re probably going to want to stay away from this sort of sexual experience.

It’s always a performance

Having sex in front of a cuckold isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to perform for him and make sure he sees you doing all of those filthy things to his wife. That means really choosing your positions. If you really want to humiliate him then you want to give him a clear view of your dick going into his wife. Then, when it’s time to drop your load, it has to be in a place that’s easily accessible to him. That can mean a body shot or a shallow creampie.

Be okay with him and your semen

The most extreme cases of cuckoldry is going to involve the husband touching your semen. That can come in the form of him cleaning it off of his wife in one of two ways. The first is with his hands. That’s’ the easiest to go with. If it’s an extreme case of humiliation then he’s going to eat it off of her or out of her. That can be somewhat disturbing for you after you’ve already dropped your load. The more prepared for it you happen to be, the better the whole thing is going to be for you and the couple.

Hookup Lifestyle Hookup Tips

How to get Paid for Hooking up

If there’s one giant misconception out there, it’s that women don’t pay for sex. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are hundreds of women in every area who have paid for sex in the past. These women like doing it and they’re always willing to do it again. If you’ve ever fantasized about getting paid for sex then you can turn it into a reality. You just have to temper your expectations about what that means and make sure that you have a skill that’s actually marketable to women who pay for sex.

You’re not just getting paid to fuck

The first thing you have to realize is that you’re not just going to go out and have a woman give you money in exchange for whatever you think passes as sex. It doesn’t matter how good you think you are. It doesn’t matter how good other women have told you that you are. No one is just going to pay you for your dick. That’s not how it works. Any woman can get any cock that she wants. There’s no reason on this planet that she’s going to spend a single cent on yours.

You need a skill

The thing that women pay for isn’t sex, it’s an experience. The most common reason for a woman to pay for sex is to get a kink or fetish satisfied that she can’t get anywhere else. Most of them are going to be pretty extreme and they can go in any direction. These women can want to be dominated or they can want to do the dominating. No matter what it is that they’re into, it’s just easier to pay someone to get in rather that finding a stranger and hoping they’ll let them do it. That’s why you need to figure out what you’re willing to do and you have to get good at it.

You have to be an expert

The best thing to do is to pick one thing and make it your specialty. You have to be amazing at it. Just think about hiring an electrician. If you’re paying someone to fix your wiring then you want them to know exactly what they’re doing. You want them to get in, do their jobs, and leave. It’s the same thing with sex. If a woman is paying you, she wants you to get in, satisfy her needs with expertise, then leave. It’s that simple.

It’s all grass roots

Once you get your specialty and you’re an expert at it, you have to start advertising. This isn’t exactly something that you can just advertise on Craigslist anymore. The best way to go about is to get on a site like Fetlife or Collarspace. You want to find women with very specific needs who are desperate to get them taken care of. These aren’t going to be the kind of women that you want to have sex with. They’re your first clients. Offer your services to them and see what they say. If they agree, you have to put their looks aside and handle them like you would handle the hottest girl on the planet. It’s that kind of service that she’s going to talk to all of her friends about. That’s where you get your start. It’s all word of mouth and you’ll eventually have women contacting you for your services. Just don’t go into it thinking you’re going to be a high class gigolo. You’re going to spend most of your time paddling obese women who haven’t gotten laid in years. That’s why you’re getting paid.

Hookup Tips

How to set up a Dating Profile

The most important aspect of any person’s hook up life is their dating profile. This is where you’re going to be meeting the vast majority of the people who want to have sex with you. It’s the first thing they’re going to see and it’s where they’re going to make their decision on whether or not they want to spend their time trying to talk to you. That means that your profile always has to be on point. If you make the mistake of just phoning it in then you’re never going to get the chance to talk to anyone about hooking up.

Talk about yourself a lot

The biggest mistake most people make is not writing enough about themselves. It’s not the easiest thing to do. No everyone wants to talk about themselves and they certainly don’t want to talk themselves up. It’s just weird, but you still have to do it. You want to write out as much as you possibly can. Talk about what you like and talk about what you want to do. It’s the best way to get someone thinking in the direction of things that you both have in common.

Talk about your kinks

This is also where you want to bring up your kinks. If there’s something that you can’t do without, you want to talk about it on your profile. You don’t have to be crude about it, though. Just use language that you would use with a total stranger and you’ll be fine. It’s going to save you a whole lot of time later on. You never want to be in the position of meeting up with someone and having them be completely unwilling to do what you like. That’s why you work it all out ahead of time.

Upload lots of pics

There’s no sense in even making a profile if you’re not going to show pictures of yourself. You have to get up as many of them as you can and you want to show yourself in a good light. It’s best if you use pictures that have been taken by someone else. There’s nothing more boring than seeing yet another selfie on someone’s profiles. Use images that show you clearly and show all of you. These are what will drive the traffic to your profile instead of all of the other ones on the site.

Send out messages

No matter how good your profile looks, you can’t just sit back and wait for people to send you messages. You have to get out there and send messages to the people that you want to talk to. Cold introductions are difficult, but no one is really expecting them to be any good. Just say something funny and you’ll be breaking the ice with someone. Once you start putting in the effort behind a profile that’s all fleshed out, you’ll see a huge difference in the number of hook ups that you can get on a weekly basis.