Hookup Tips

Give her What she Wants

There’s one thing that pretty much all women have in common. It’s not something that most people want to believe, but that’s because they take it too far. That thing is semen. It’s a natural and biological desire to get as much of it that they possibly can. Now, that doesn’t mean that the next girl you hoop up with is going to want you to cum all over her face or drop your load in her mouth. Yes, some women love it, but that’s not for everyone. What all women want is a man with thick load to prove his virility and her skill in having sex with a worthy male. Here are some of the things that you can do to improve your volume, taste, and smell.

Eat the right foods

If you want to find a girl who’s going to swallow you without a complaint then you have to have some tasty cum. It’s not that difficult to get, really. You just have to watch what you eat. First off, you want to avoid alcohol and smoking. That doesn’t mean to have to abstain, you just can’t overboard for a week or so before you hook up with her. Then you want to load up on things like pineapple and melons. Cinnamon will also do wonders for your taste. On top of that you want to binge of things like celery and spinach. If you’re eating foods that are good for your body, then you’re going to taste much better going into her body.

Take the right Vitamins

You also want to get yourself some vitamins for a different reason that taste. If you start taking zinc and folic acid supplements then you’re going to increase your seminal volume. That basically means that you’ll have massive cum loads when you ejaculate. It a lot of fun for a woman to either see it or get it all over herself. It depends on the kind of girl and what she’s into, but no woman is ever going to be let down by a big load. That’s not the only benefit, though. Bigger loads mean much more intense orgasms. The more you have shooting out of you, the better it’s going to feel. You’ll have better orgasms than ever before and that’s pretty much the only reason that you need. If you add the right diet and exercise to the equation then you’ll be almost perfect for any woman. A healthy body means healthy loads and that’s why draws women to you.

Do it for the both of you

Don’t just do these things for your hookups. Do it for yourself as well. You’ll be healthier and you’ll feel better. If you make your entire life about sex then you’ll take care of yourself more than ever before. The intense sexual fun and pleasure is just the reward for taking care of yourself. You can always just go back to being a filthy slob later on, anyway. Give it a shot.

Hookup Tips

How to have a Fun Gaming Hookup

Hooking up isn’t always about the sex. Sure, you’re going to be doing it, but it doesn’t have to be the only reason for getting together. The reason you’re hooking up is to have fun and it doesn’t have to come from the sex alone. You can make the sex even more fun by adding some fun and games to the whole thing. It can lead to the best hook ups of your life and get you a booty call that you can text whenever you need a little bit of company. If she’s having fun then she’s always going to want to come back.

Earn sex with Victory

If you’re hooking up with a gamer than you can add those games to your hook ups. You can play each other or you can take turns trying to reach a goal. The important part is that the person who wins gets rewarded with sex. It’s a great way to get through your foreplay and make sure that you’re both soaked, stiff, and ready for the main event. It’s a simple concept, really. If you’re playing each other in a death match, just go until someone wins the match. That person gets oral sex for their victory. Just go for a few minutes then set up again and play. You can draw it all out for as long as you want. Just make sure that you don’t bring each other to orgasm. You want to drive each other crazy and edge each other for as long as you can.

Sex as a Distraction

The next way to have fun with your hook up is to use the sex to distract each other. This one is a lot of fun for the online gamers. You get yourself set up in the racing or shooting game of your choice with your headset on and the mic live. For example, have her sit on the sofa with nothing on below her waste. She should be totally naked down there. Get yourself in between her thighs while she gets into the lobby. Putting her knees up on your shoulders is the easiest way. As soon as she starts playing against the other people, just attack her pussy with your mouth. Eat her out and don’t give up. Her job is to ignore you for as long as she possibly can and win the match. She loses the second she either can’t focus on the game or lets the people in the game know that something’s going on. Remember that the mic is live this whole time. She has to talk without moaning or anything that lets them know that she’s being eaten out.

Be Creative with it

You can do all of this no matter what kind of games you’re into or what you’re doing. Just think of all of the possibilities when you’re trying to figure out when you can get together. You’ll make your hook up fun and you’ll keep her coming back for more.

Hookup Tips

Going Younger is Easy

It’s no surprise at all that men like to have sex with younger women. It doesn’t matter how old the guy happens to be. He’s always going to go for a girl with fewer years on her than him. It’s a simple fact of nature and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s that vitality that men need in a woman. They need her to be young and full of life before he fills her up with his loving. Luckily, it’s not all that difficult for a man to find a younger woman to hook up with. He just has to offer her what he already has.

Teen Girls need the Experience

Any guy out there can find and horny 18 or 19 year old girl to have sex with right now. It doesn’t matter how old her is. All it takes is flaunting what she wants out of him. Teen girls need experience in their men. They can have all of the sex that they want with the guys their own age, but they don’t usually cut it. They have no idea what they’re doing and just fumble around with their hands and penises. Older men know how to treat their bodies and they have to make it clear. Dirty talk is their weapon and men can use it implant thoughts of a sexual experience that leaves the teens shaking and sweating and finally fully satisfied by their lover.

College Girls need Stability

The girls in their 20s need something a little bit different. The life of a 20 something is insane. It’s a constantly changing world that leaves them begging for something solid that they can hold onto. That’s what an older man has to offer them. They need a guy with a job who can offer them a place to hang out, sleepover, and have tons of sex that lets them know they’re not all alone in the world. It’s more of an emotional relationship that the other types of hook ups, but it’s still all about the sex. It just has to be both exciting and comforting at the same time.

30 Something Girls need Excitement Again

Then we come up on the girls in their 30s. These are women who have already had plenty of relationships. In fact, they might be in one while you’re hooking up with them. They’re dealing with a much less exciting world. The constant change is gone and it’s all settling down. They’re facing a future that never changes from the way that things are right in front of them. They crave that insanity and want to taste it just a few more time before it’s all gone forever. These women are ready to throw themselves at any man who can offer that to them. If you can reclaim your youth for yourself then you can give it back to them. Just be ready to do it behind another man’s back. That’s just the way that hooking up can go sometimes.

Always give them What they Need

You can hook up with any kind of younger girl that you want. You can go as young as you want. Just make sure you can give them what they want. It’s what’s going to make them step out of their age groups and spend their time with you. It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you can give the girl what she can’t get from the guys her own age, she’s going to love you for it. You’ll have all that youth and energy right at your fingertips whenever you want it.

Hookup Tips

Hook up with a Couple

Having a threeway is a lot of fun. There’s a reason that so many people want to try it. Everyone should experience at least one in their lives. It’s the top of the sexual world and it takes a lot of work to scale it. If you want to have one for yourself, it’s best if you know how to make it happen. There are few things that you have to think about before you go into it. It will make sure you have the best threeway possible instead of stumbling over the small details.

Set your Limits

Sure, there are ways to have threeways with two women and a man. It happens and it’s amazing. If you’re new to it, though, you’re likely going to have a threeway with a couple that consists of one man and one woman. That’s going to leave you with two guys and a girl in the bedroom. You’re going to have to do a lot of soul searching to figure out how you want it to go. If you’re into a little man on man action, then that’s great. You can go for it and have a lot of fun. If you’re only interested in touching and fucking the woman then you have to make it clear when you’re talking. Set your limits and you won’t have to deal with anything that you’re not into.

Figure out Where to Finish

You have to realize that you’re having sex with a couple. They have their own relationship and their own plans. You’re going to have to discuss where you’re going to drop your load. It may not seem like pleasant conversation, but it has to happen. If you finish inside of her then you can really turn the couple’s world upside down. Just imagine them finding out they’re pregnant a few weeks later. Now you all have to worry about the baby being yours and that’s not what you’re after. Work it out beforehand and know where it’s okay to let it flow. It will save you a whole lot of stress down the line.

Be Prepared to Cuck a Man

Cuckolding is a massive fetish that a lot of men and women share. You have to be ready to be the bull cucking the guy in the relationship. It’s what a lot of the couples that you’ll find will be after. It will lead you to an experience where the man is mostly there to simply watch. You have to be on your game to make it fun for them. The whole premise is that you’re the better man and you’re taking his wife or girlfriend. You’re going to have to put on a real show and it’s a lot of work.

Don’t hold Yourself Back

If you’re interested in having a threeway then you should just go for it. There’s no reason to hold yourself back. There are plenty of couples out there who want to do it and they’re actively looking for someone to join them. Just let it all go and have a good time with a couple. You’ll never be able to forget your first threeway after you have it and there’s a good reason for that. It’s an experience that’s better than anything you’re imagine when you think about it. Find a threeway and enjoy a couple!

Hookup Tips

How to Hook up with a Married Woman

There are lots and lots of married women out there who hook up with other guys. It’s just a simple fact of nature. They stop getting what they need at home and have to get it elsewhere. If you want to be the guy to give it to them, it can be the most satisfying hook up sex of your life. These women are always desperate for satisfaction and are more than grateful to the men that give it to them. You just have to know what’s going to be in store for you.

Keep your Mouth Shut

The very first thing that you have to do is keep your big mouth shut. You can’t go out blabbing about what you did to a married woman last night. Discretion is a must and it always has to inform your actions and decisions. Just keep what you do together between yourselves. No cheating woman wants her husband to find anything out. If she learns that you’re telling other people what’s going on then she’s just going to cut the whole thing off. That’s never worth getting a high five from your stoner friends.

Be ready when She is

You also have to realize that this is all going to be on her schedule. She’s going to text you or call you when her husband is out or she can slip away. Never try to push her into sex when she says that she can’t have it. It’s going to stress an already stressful situation. That also means that you have to be ready to take care of her at odd hours. If her husband suddenly slips out at midnight and she’s in need, you have to be ready to jump into your car and jump into her.

Make it as Much Fun as Possible

Finally, you just want to make it all as much fun for her as you possibly can. It’s what she’s after in the first place. She’s not risking everything because she wants to have another relationship that isn’t any fun. She wants to have a good time and you get to give it to her. Always have a smile on your face and never burden her with your problems. It’s not why she’s hooking up with you. Show her a good time and you’ll have a booty call that’s more satisfying than any other girl could possibly ever be.