Hookup Tips

Ending the Year with a Bang

Hooking up on New Year’s Eve is nothing new. It’s a song as old as time itself and it’s also a whole lot of fun. Everyone’s drinking and everyone wants to have a good time. That means letting yourself go and just living in the moment. There are just a few things that you have to prepare yourself for if you intend on hooking up for the new year. Just remember that the way you spend your New Year’s is the way that you’ll spend the new year, so make sure you’re having sex when the ball drops.

Be ready to hook up in public

No one is going to want to leave the party to go home to have sex. If you find someone who wants to hook up then you might just have to do it wherever you are. That means having sex in a public restroom, a car, or even a back alley. All of those places are fine as long as you take your time and are aware of your surroundings. No one likes it when they walk in on a blowjob and don’t get to participate.

Always pull out

If you’re hooking up with a stranger for the first time and you’re both drinking, make sure you pull out. It doesn’t matter how much you think she’s on birth control. You don’t know each other and you don’t want to have to worry about it. Just pull out and drop your load somewhere fun. It will be a visual that you can pull up later on if you want. It’s just the safest option and will let you enjoy the next day without wondering if you’re going to be a parent once September rolls around.