Hookup Tips

Getting Her Nudes

If you’re hooking up with a regular girl then you probably spend a lot of time trying to get her nudes from her. It’s a nice way to check her out and enjoy her body when you’re not together. Of course, a lot of girls never want to share naked pictures of themselves. They’re afraid of what will happen if anyone ever gets a hold of them. That’s when you have to work to make her understand that the pics are for you and no one else. Here’s how you get her to send you her nudes.

Tell her how pretty she is

The first thing you have to do is tell her over and over again how attractive she happens to be. Tell her that she’s gorgeous and list all of the things that you like about her. This is going to get her liking the way that her body makes you feel. Layer it on thick and remind her at every chance that you get. That’s the basis for all of your texting and you’ll have to be creative about it. Tell her in the middle of the day and tell her at night. You’ll benefit from it eventually.

Share your own pics

You also want to share plenty of your own pics. Don’t be afraid to show her everything and anything. Just keep it going, but don’t make the mistake of sending her dick pics when she’s in the middle of work. Just be smart about it, but keep sending them. It’s going to normalize the act of sending pictures to her. She’ll see that you’re completely okay with it and maybe she should be okay with it as well. It’s only going to be a matter of time until she finally sends off her own.

Don’t share them

Once she finally sends off her nudes to you, make sure you keep them safe. Don’t share them with anyone. Keep them totally to yourself and never share them with anyone. You don’t even want to show them off to her. Just keep them for yourself and it’s going to show her that she can really trust you. That’s going to open her up to the idea of just sending you nudes whenever she feels like turning you on. That’s really where you want to be, after all. Now you can enjoy the perfect fuck buddy situation.