Hookup Tips

Give her What she Wants

There’s one thing that pretty much all women have in common. It’s not something that most people want to believe, but that’s because they take it too far. That thing is semen. It’s a natural and biological desire to get as much of it that they possibly can. Now, that doesn’t mean that the next girl you hoop up with is going to want you to cum all over her face or drop your load in her mouth. Yes, some women love it, but that’s not for everyone. What all women want is a man with thick load to prove his virility and her skill in having sex with a worthy male. Here are some of the things that you can do to improve your volume, taste, and smell.

Eat the right foods

If you want to find a girl who’s going to swallow you without a complaint then you have to have some tasty cum. It’s not that difficult to get, really. You just have to watch what you eat. First off, you want to avoid alcohol and smoking. That doesn’t mean to have to abstain, you just can’t overboard for a week or so before you hook up with her. Then you want to load up on things like pineapple and melons. Cinnamon will also do wonders for your taste. On top of that you want to binge of things like celery and spinach. If you’re eating foods that are good for your body, then you’re going to taste much better going into her body.

Take the right Vitamins

You also want to get yourself some vitamins for a different reason that taste. If you start taking zinc and folic acid supplements then you’re going to increase your seminal volume. That basically means that you’ll have massive cum loads when you ejaculate. It a lot of fun for a woman to either see it or get it all over herself. It depends on the kind of girl and what she’s into, but no woman is ever going to be let down by a big load. That’s not the only benefit, though. Bigger loads mean much more intense orgasms. The more you have shooting out of you, the better it’s going to feel. You’ll have better orgasms than ever before and that’s pretty much the only reason that you need. If you add the right diet and exercise to the equation then you’ll be almost perfect for any woman. A healthy body means healthy loads and that’s why draws women to you.

Do it for the both of you

Don’t just do these things for your hookups. Do it for yourself as well. You’ll be healthier and you’ll feel better. If you make your entire life about sex then you’ll take care of yourself more than ever before. The intense sexual fun and pleasure is just the reward for taking care of yourself. You can always just go back to being a filthy slob later on, anyway. Give it a shot.