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Helping Out a Younger Girl – Part 2

So, I was stuck in this very sexual conversation with an 18 year old girl who also happened to be my friends’ daughter. I was watching their house and had no way out of it. I didn’t just want to tell her to stop talking to me. That would be rude, but I had to do something. That’s why I escaped into the kitchen and opened the fridge. I just stared into it for a few minutes and break the tension and hopefully get her mind off of the subject. Then I found out what it’s like to be stalked.

She was right there

I closed the door and she was right there standing behind it with a big smile on her face. I jumped a little and took a step back. I could see that her excitement was rising and there was nothing I could do to slow it down. I just moved to the kitchen island and sat down. I smiled at her and exhaled as she sat right down next to me. She crossed her legs and made sure that our knees were extremely close to touching.

She pressed on

“I bet you’ve had a bunch of sex, huh?” She asked, bubblier than ever.

“I guess I’ve had the usual amount.” I answered and turned my body so I was facing the kitchen and not her. It didn’t stop her, though. She just moved in closer to make sure that I couldn’t ignore her, no matter how hard I was trying to.

“Do you just have sex without making the girl cum? Like, is that a normal thing for guys to do?”

“No, of course not.” I shook my head. I had to at least give her some real advice here. I could tell that she was in a place that wasn’t good for her. If she learned that women never have orgasms when they have sex then she could end up spending a big chunk of her life without ever experiencing actual, good sex. “It’s not normal for guys who know what they’re doing. The ones who do it that way are just selfish and not the ones that you want to get involved with.”

“I didn’t think so!” She yelled. “My friends all act like it’s normal, and I’m like, ‘no it’s not!’” She laughed.

That’s when it hit me. This was a girl who needed help, just like all of the others. She was stuck in a world where she wasn’t getting the kind of sexual pleasure that every person on the planet should be able to enjoy. I slipped deep into the mindset that I usually inhabit. She was suddenly an inexperienced girl who had no idea about how good she could feel with another person. It was quickly becoming my problem just as much as it was hers. I started to feel like it was my duty to give her what she was missing and that was a very dangerous place for me to be in. Even so, I turned back to her.

I opened up to her

“Look, if a guy can’t get you off then he might just not know how. Sometimes you have to tell him what feels good and what you like. If he doesn’t put in the effort to give you all of the pleasure that he can, then he’s selfish and you shouldn’t involve yourself with him. There are much better guys out there.” I was pointed and told it like it was. That small act made most of the tension pour out of my body and I relaxed a little bit more.

“But, like, what if the girl doesn’t know what feels good? Like, I was with a guy once and I didn’t know what to tell him. It was just super awkward and I stopped talking to him after that.” She said with real confusion on her face.

“You just have to pay attention to how it all feels. Just tell the guy to do the same things you do when you masturbate. The rest will work itself out.” I sat back in the chair and hoped that this would take care of everything and we could end the conversation.

She was extremely inexperienced

She kind of looked down in embarrassment at that. I immediately felt bad about bringing it up.

“Oh, I don’t do that. I don’t know how to.”

“You don’t know how?”

“No, I’ve tried, but it never works. I’ve watched videos on how to do it and even asked my friends how they do it. I try it and nothing ever happens. It just kind of starts to feel really good, but that’s it. I’ve never had an orgasm and I don’t know how to make it happen.” She was extremely embarrassed and I could just tell that she was really opening up to me for some reason.

She put both of her hands on my knee and looked up into my eyes. She was pleading with me at this point and I could feel all of my resolve disappearing.

“Do you think you can help me? I mean, you have a lot more experience than me! You know what to do! Do you think you can just tell me or something? Like, seriously, I feel like I need help or I’m going to be weird for the rest of my life!” She bit her lower lip and her fingers tightened around my knee.

Now it was my problem

That was the real turning point. Now this whole thing was my issue. This young girl was honestly begging me to help her learn her own body. It was obviously that it was a real point of stress in her life. It was on her mind and it was something that was holding her back. If I didn’t help her with this then no one would. The people around her had no ability to make any of this right for her. It was me or it was no one.

“Okay, I’ll tell you what; I’ll try to help you.” Her entire body tensed with excitement and she smile wide. “I don’t want to do it down here, though. Go head up to your bedroom and I’ll be up in a few minutes. I’ll find something to show you what to do, then I’ll just leave you to do it. No one can ever know about it, though. I don’t want your parents to think that we did anything. I’ll just show you what to do and leave, okay?”

“Okay!” She jumped up with a giddiness that I had never seen in my life before. She turned and ran up to her bedroom, happier than I had seen her all day.

Once I heard her door close, I got up and fell onto the sofa in the living room. My plan was simple. I’d find a few porn videos where the girls actually walk you through the masturbation experience. I knew they existed because I had come across them before. I’d bring them up to her, put the laptop on her bed, then just walk right back out and close the door. I wouldn’t have to actually do anything with her and I’d be helping her out at the same time. It was the perfect plan and I felt brilliant for coming up with it. All I had to do was make my way upstairs and I could go back to not fighting against the urge to have sex with my friends’ daughter.

It didn’t take long to find the videos that I was thinking of. There were plenty of visuals and the women were being honest about what they like. They were real instructional videos and they would do the job. I got up and immediately felt the sudden cold of precum against my dick. I guess I was more into this idea than I was letting myself believe. I walked up the stairs and go to her door. I knocked a few times and opened it right up. That was when I knew that this plan had some flaws in it. What I hadn’t expected was to walk into her room and see her totally naked and sitting on her bed, waiting for her. That feeling of cold precum vanished and was immediately replaced by the feeling of my cock exploding into a full erection in my pants. Her body was absolutely perfect and I’d really have to do some thinking to come up with a sexier one.

More next time

I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting that, but I just wasn’t. I have to keep going with this story and I’ll get right back to it next time. There was a lot going on in my mind but I still felt it was my duty to help this poor, young girl out. I’ll let you know what happened on my next post.