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Helping Out a Younger Girl – Part 3

I don’t know what I expected, but I really didn’t expect her to be naked and waiting for me. Looking back now, it seems pretty obvious that it was about to happen. Either way, my plan completely disappeared. She was sitting on her legs and looked amazing. She was looking up at me with a level of need and submission that’s incredibly difficult to come across. This was a girl who was going to let me do anything I wanted to her. All she needed in return was the experience that I had to offer her. I stepped into the room and closed the door behind me.

I dropped the laptop

I put the computer on her nightstand and sat down on the bed next to her. “Okay.” I said. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

She nodded very decidedly and stared deep into my eyes. “I want you to teach me.”

Having her look up at me was more than I could deal with. I wanted to do things to her that I knew I’d end up regretting later on. I could give her what she needed, but I had to be careful to keep myself under control.

I needed to see her moves

I told her to lie on her back and spread her legs. She followed my instructions right away. I could tell that she was nervous and her body trembled just a little bit. I adjusted myself so I was sitting by her knees and looking at her entire body. I put my hand on her knee to reassure her that I was there to help her. She smiled and shyly told me that my hand was warm and felt nice. I thanked her with a laugh and told her to touch herself like she normally does.

She had no idea what to do

“Like, everything?” She asked.

“Yes, everything. I just want to see.”

I sat back and she nodded and closed her eyes. She slowly started to run her fingertips up and down her entire body. She was very gentle with herself and I could see her skin break out in goose flesh. It was clear that she was trying to send tingles up and down her spine. She was a girl who liked sensuality and it was no surprise why she wasn’t able to get it from anyone in her age group.

“That’s good, keep going.”

She nodded with her eyes still closed and ran her palms over her perfect boobs. Her nipples were already erect, but I could imagine her trying to get them hard when she was alone. She started squeezing and pinching her nipples. She even stretched them a little bit. It made her moan quietly and her back arched under her. That was how she got herself wet when she tried to masturbate. It’s a trick that a lot of women use and she had already found it on her own. It was obvious that she had tried this many, many times in this room.

I worked hard to keep to myself

It was getting harder and harder not to touch her. I knew that I had to hold myself back, though. I gave in a little bit and leaned in to kiss her knee. She shivered and smiled as soon as she felt my lips touch her body. That was when she brought things to the next level. She ran the fingers of her right hand town her stomach and over her pelvis. The other one stayed on her left nipple to pinch and stretch it.

She was close

Her right hand got her to her virgin pussy and I immediately saw were the problems were coming from. She started rubbing her entire pussy with her fingers. She kept them straight and just ran them up and down her pussy lips. Her back arched over and over again as she worked. She started to grind her hips against her hand and pressed it in more and more. I watched her for a few minutes when I felt her eyes on me again. She was looking at me with doubt all over her face.

“This is how far I always get. It feels really good, but that’s it. I just get frustrated after a while and stop. I don’t know why I can’t cum.”

“I think I know.” I said as caringly as possible.

I took over

I moved around on her bed and put my hand under her shoulders. I made her sit up and slid in behind her. Then I pushed her shoulders back from the front so she was lying back against my chest. Her arms fell to either side of my legs and I reached forward with my right hand. I used my left hand to cup her breast and pinch her nipple, just like it seemed she liked. Her skin was soft and warm. I could feel her heart pounding in her chest under my palm. She closed her eyes on her own and started breathing hard. She was heaving and she clenched her fingers around my calves. I kissed her on her forehead and slid my middle finger in between her pussy lips. She was soaking wet and felt amazing. She bent her head back as far as she could and I kissed her on her lips.

I got to work

It wasn’t difficult to find it, but I could see why she had missed it. She was a girl who was cursed with a small clit and she had no idea about it. I slid my finger up her pussy and ran it in circles under her clitoral hood. It was swollen and I could almost feel it throbbing under my fingertip. As soon as I found it, she jumped and moaned loud. She strained to kiss me again. I rested my head against hers and just worked her clit as gently as I could manage. I worked it in circles and I rubbed it. I pressed against it and slid my finger over it. Each move elicited a whole new reaction from her. It was clear that I was making her feel things that she had never experienced before. Her entire body moved and shuddered under my touch. I could feel sweat break out on her forehead. She started moaning louder and louder. The last thing I heard from her was a soft and shy “Oh, my God!” Then she exploded in orgasms in my arms. She shook violently in her very first orgasm and I let her cum for as long as she possibly could. It was extremely hard to keep her slippery clit under my finger but I worked as hard as hard as I possibly could to make it happen. I was going to give her the best orgasm that I possibly could. It was my gift to her and my way of introducing her to the world of pleasure that lay in front of her. I kept working her clit until her legs started to buck, then I stopped. I wrapped my left arm around her heaving chest and pressed my right hand into her pussy. That’s the best way to help a pussy relax after and orgasm.

It took a long time for her to come down

I held her for what seemed like hours. She was breathing more regularly as the waves of pleasure stopped coursing through her young body. She finally opened up her eyes again and looked into mine. A wide smile broke out over her face. She reached up and put her hand on the back of my head to push me in for another kiss. I totally gave in this time and slid my tongue into her mouth. She responded by sucking on it and giggling. I pulled back and just enjoyed the look of totally satisfaction and pleasure on her face.

“I had no idea that it could feel that good. Thank you, so much!”

“You’re welcome. Did you pay attention to what I did?”

She nodded with another smile and closed her eyes with a long sigh. She rubbed her palms against my knees in total happiness. It seemed like I had taught her everything that she needed to know on top of giving her her very first orgasm. I couldn’t have been any prouder of myself.

More next time

That wasn’t then end of my special time with this girl. I had an entire week in this house and it felt like things were just starting. I’ll tell you more next time. It turned out that it wasn’t even over for the first night. This was as very special girl and I was lucky to meet her. She still had a lot to learn and she was more than willing to ask someone to teach her. It happened to be me that she was asking and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.