Hookup Tips

Hook up with the girl Next Door

If you’re in the market for someone to hook up with, then you should never overlook the girl next door. It doesn’t matter how plain looing she happens to be. She’s most likely a sex fiend who’s just looking for someone to invite her over. The big problem with girls in your neighborhood is that they can’t let the real them out when they’re close to home. They have to save it for the nights at the club or all of the online sex that they have. If you can break through to them then you might just find the best hook ups that you’ve ever had in your life.

Let them know you’re interested

The best way to go about it is to subtly let her know that you’re into hooking up. If you talk to her, tell her about hanging out with different girls on different nights of the week. Make it clear that you don’t have a girlfriend and that you really don’t want one. If you give her enough information like this then she’s going to catch on pretty quickly. You’ll be able to figure out when the best time is to just ask her if she wants to have a little bit of fun.

Don’t tell anyone

After you hook up with her, make sure you don’t tell anyone about it. She’s in her home base and she has to be discreet. Just keep it to yourself and you’ll be sure to have a regular hook up that you can call whenever you want. She lives right next to you, so you can head on over whenever the need hits you. You’ll never find a better hook up situation than that. Give it a shot and you’ll never look back.