Hookup Tips

Hooking up on the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, you probably want to make the most out of your hook ups. You’re going to have a decent amount of free time and there’s nothing at all wrong with filling it with sex. You’re just going to want to make sure that you make it special. Hooking up at this time isn’t something that you can do all year long. If you put in a little bit of effort than you can make your hook ups something that you’ll be able to remember fondly for a long time to com.

Hook up with an old flame

Most of us are going to be traveling to family. That means hitting up the places where we all grew up. If you really want to make it a trip that you remember, then you should consider hooking up with someone you used to know. That could be someone you used to date or it can be someone you simply had a crush on. If you really want to go crazy, look up the people who used to be overweight when you were kids. They’re probably super hot now and you can use that to your advantage.

Makes your hook ups themed

The next best thing you can do is add a holiday to your hook ups. There’s nothing better than having sex with a sexy MRS Claus or an elf. You can also just wrap yourself up as a present and let your hook up unwrap you. It will build your sexual desire and make your hook up a fiery and passionate affair that you’ll never forget. Of course, you can always just go all in on the holidays and hook up in front of a roaring fire. It will get things hot in more ways than one.

Gift some sex toys

If you just want to keep it simple, gift your sex buddy with some sex toys. You probably have a few ideas about what they like. Give them something that will turn all of your hooking up into a pleasure session that will last for as long as you keep on hooking up. It’s up to you what you get, but make sure you put their desires first. That’s what a gift is really all about. You’ll be repaid with all of the fun that they can offer you in the bedroom.