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Hooking up Separately

If you can’t get together with anyone for a hook up, it’s not your fault. This whole pandemic has us all horny and alone. If we can’t get together for a hook up, there are still some options, though. There are plenty of sex toys out there that will let you hook up with someone from a distance. The best part about them is that they’re interactive. That means that the other person gets to control them. It’s the closest that you can get to having sex without actually meeting up. If you want the best of the best, you have to get the Flashlight/vibrator combo.

She has sex with him

The theory behind these connected toys is very simple. Everything that you do to your toy, the other toy does to your hook up. For instance, the man gets a Fleshlight. All he has to do is slide it on and it will do the rest. The girl then gets a vibrator. Every single time she slides that thing inside herself, the Fleshlight strokes the guy. He doesn’t have to do a single thing to it if he just wants her to ghost ride his shaft.

He has sex with her

Of course, if the man wants to put in some effort, all her had to do is thrust. Every thrust that he makes will set off the vibrator. If both people start going at their respective toys, they’re going to be drive each other crazy. A shared orgasm is pretty much guaranteed and you never have to leave your house for a single second. It’s the future of sex and that future looks very bright. No one has to be left without sex aver again. All it takes is a little technology and a whole lot of batteries.