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Hooking Up While Traveling

If you’re the kind of person who spends a lot of time traveling then you’ve no doubt come across a surprise hook up every now and again. Maybe you were prepared for it and maybe you weren’t. Either way, it was probably a lot of fun to get laid by a local of any area that you happened to be it. Now you want to do it all of the time. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting another country or just going the next town over. If you want to hook up while you travel, then you need to bring a road kit with you. Here’s what should be in it.


First and foremost, you always want to have condoms on you. That’s just a must. Don’t carry them n your wallet, though. That’s a mistake that a lot of guys make. Keeping them in your wallet can damage them. At the very least, the constant weight and pressure inside your wallet will weaken and break the wrapping. That will dry the condoms out and they’ll be totally useless. Keep them in a backpack or a suitcase to keep them safe and you’ll always have them on hand when you need them.

Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes always get overlooked, but just think about it. You’re traveling and you’re moving all of the time. That means that you’re sweating. If you go out at night to meet someone, you’re going to be in a hot and sweaty bar. Your balls are going to be a sweaty sewer cesspool at the end of the day and you’re expecting someone to shove their face down there for you. It’s not going to happen. Just has some Wet Wipes on you to freshen things up down there and you’ll be good.

Fresh underwear

The next thing that most people overlook is a pair of fresh underwear. You want any kind that you wear, as well as a pair of socks. There’s nothing worse than getting completely naked and maybe even showering after a passionate hook up, only to put on dirty underwear. They’re also probably going to be pretty sticky after all of the action. If you have a new pair ready to go then you’re going to be much happier about how you feel the next day. You only need to experience a hook up without them once to know how much you need them.

Special toy

Finally, you want to bring a special toy with you. This just needs to be a small thing that highlights your best skills. It should be something that defines you as a sexual partner. We’re not talking about a magic wand or a fuck machine here. Just find something small and special that can turn a regular hook up into a fun adventure for the other person. It’s going to make them remember you for a long time after you head back home. Knowing you have the power to change someone’s sexual world is a very powerful aphrodisiac.