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Hooking up with a Freak – Part 2

I just told you all about the benefits of hooking up with a real freak. It’s a really good time and everyone should do it at some point. I was just hanging out with my regular booty and her married friend when the new women decided to open up to me. It turned out that she was in a sexless marriage and she just couldn’t handle it anymore. Her husband just couldn’t keep up with her sexual desires and she was desperate for a release. I really didn’t expect her to take me out into the alleyway next to the club to blow me and swallow my whole load to finally get what she was missing. We just walked back into the club and she went to dance with her friend. I sat there by myself for a few minutes until I noticed something was going on. People kept moving in front of the two girls, but as the dance progressed, I kept getting glimpses of what was happening between the two of them. Seeing what they were doing gave me a pretty good idea that we were going to be doing a lot more than the blowjob that night.

They were getting very close

The first glimpse caught of them just showed the married friend turning her back to my other friend and grinding her ass against her. It was a common dance, but I could see the look on my usual hook up’s face. She was shocked at something, but not upset about it. People moved in front of them again and I lost my view for a few minutes. Then the floor opened up a little again and I could see that my usual hook up had the married friend’s skirt up and she was looking at something on her ass. I lost my view again and sat back. I had no idea what was going on, but it looked like it was a lot of fun. I got my last view of them and the married friend was whispering something into my usual hook up’s ear and they kept looking at me and laughing. I smiled and waved and that was it. I sat there for the rest of the dance and just waiting for them to come back. When the music ended, I found out what was going on.

They came back

The two of them walked back to the table and they were all smiles and giggles. My hook up asked me if the little slut next to her had told me what she had under her skirt. I said that I had no idea at all. That was when my usual hook up told her friend to stand up and show me what she had done. The married woman just stood up at the table, turned around, bent over, and lifted her skirt just enough for me to see. It was right there across the table. She had come out that might with a giant butt plug inserted deep into her asshole. It was being held in place by her tight, tiny panties and she had dancing with it in all night long. That also meant that she had it in while she was sucking my dick in the alleyway. I still had no idea if she had told my usual hook up about that or not, so I just kept it to myself. The girl turned back around and sat in her seat with a broad and naughty smile on her face for a few minutes.

My hook up spoke out

The girl that I usually hook up with leaned in and told me that the little slut next to her had told her that she wanted to show me something else when they got back. I didn’t know what was about to happen, so I just agreed and sat back. Then my hook up told her friend to spread her legs like the little slut that she was. She did exactly as she was told and spread them under the table. I could feel her knee brush against mine, so I knew that it had happened. My hook up told me that the little slut wanted to show me how hard she can cum when she’s so desperate for a good fucking. With that, my hook up slid her hand in between her married friend’s thighs and started working her clit with her fingers. Her arm whipped back and forth furiously and the married friend arched her back and started moaning right away. She tried to hide it from the entire club, but it was clear that it just felt way too good for that. She covered her mouth with her hand and came hard right then and there. She bucked and jumped and I could hear her scream under her hand.

Her fingers were dirty

After she stopped cumming, by hook up brought her hand up from under the table. The married woman was gasping for breath and sweaty. She was also smiling just as much as she had after sucking me off in the alleyway. I could see that my hook up’s fingers her drenched in her friend’s pussy juice and she had to do something. She just looked at her friend and asked her how she felt about her slutty ways getting her fingers all wet and dirty. The married friend just apologized with a smile and wiped them off for her with a cocktail napkin. Things her certainly getting interesting and I was more than happy to go along for this ride. My usual hook up just leaned back in her seat and asked me what we were to do with this little slut. I told her that I guess she’d just have to be punished until she got all of her slutty tendencies out of her system. I can’t even begin to explain the look of pure delight and pleasure that spread across the married girl’s face when I said that.

We brought her home

The club just wasn’t the best place for us anymore, so we all got a cab and made out way back to my hook up’s apartment. We were already halfway there when I realized that my hook up’s hand was back in between the married woman’s thighs. It was too far down to be working her clit, though. The best I could tell was that she was sliding the giant butt plug in and out of the married girl’s asshole. Her eyes were closed and her fists were clenched. She was clearly trying to take all of the pain and pleasure that it was giving her without making a single sound. It worked all of the way to her apartment when she pulled out her hand and we all made out way up to her place. I have been there plenty of times, so I knew about all of the toys that she had waiting for her friend. I was happy to play along and make sure that this girl got everything that she needed from us and it was obvious that my usual hook up was doing the exact same thing. She must have been hearing about all of her troubles for a very long time and she was finally going to do something about it. I could only assume that it was also the reason for her inviting me out with them. She knew what her friend needed and she also knew that I could help to give it to her. We were going to take control of her for the night and make sure that she left the next day fully satisfied and no longer missing a single thing that she needed sexually.

More next time

This was a really fun night and I want to get back into it tomorrow. I’ll have more details for you and I want to make sure you get all of them. If you ever come across a woman with a fetish, it doesn’t matter if she’s married or not. A fetish is a need that people have to get fulfilled. If their husbands won’t do it, then they have to get it somewhere else. You should never turn a girl down just because she’s not single. Marriages aren’t perfect and sometimes people have to get what they need elsewhere. If you’re willing to give them what they need then you can basically be a hero to them. They need what they need and that’s all that there is to it. Be open minded and willing to help out a married woman. If I hadn’t done it for this girl on that night then I have no idea what would have happened to her. She probably would have gotten totally fed up with her marriage and left it. I don’t want to say that I saved her marriage, but I certainly made it all a lot easier on her.