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Hooking up with a Freak – Part 4

So, there I was behind this married freak while my regular hook up face fucked her with her strap on. I wasn’t going to let them have all of the fun, so I decided to relieve the married cum slut of the giant butt plug in her asshole. I was careful to pull it out gently to not cause any real damage or pain. The thing about butt plus is that the asshole likes to hold onto them. That’s the way that they’re designed. If you don’t pull them out slowly, then you can be in for a whole lot of problems when you really don’t want them. Once it was out, her asshole gaped for a few seconds. She had been wearing it all night long, so it made sense. I had to wait for a bit for it close back up enough, but I made good use of my time. I ran my fingers over her dripping wet pussy and used the juice to lube up her ass again. I could tell that I had to start moving faster because my regular hook up was getting closer to cumming and I didn’t want her to go on her own this time.

Strap ons are made for it

If you ever buy a strap on, make sure you get the high quality ones. These strap ons are designed to give the woman wearing them as much pleasure as possible. They curve under the shaft to rub against the clit while they’re using them on someone else. They can make the wearer cum just as hard as the person actually getting fucked and that’s what makes them so much fun. It was also why she was about to cum and I had to catch up. I got on my knees and shoved my cock deep into the married slut’s asshole. It was so loose from the plug that I didn’t have to push hard at all. It just swallowed me right up and that’s how I like it. I just start jackhammering away, trying to cum as quickly as I could. I also made sure to order the married slut to rub her clit while I worked. I told that I knew a slut like her was dying to do it and she obeyed. She was being fucked in her mouth and her asshole while she fucked her own pussy and it was obvious that she was loving it.

Everyone came together

If I needed more proof, I got it very shortly. My regular hook up closed her eyes and started cumming while she continued to face fuck the married slut. Seeing it must have pushed her over the edge and I felt her asshole tighten as she started to scream and moan in orgasm. That was all I needed to blow my own load deep inside her freshly stretched out asshole. All three of us came at the same time and you just can’t get any better than that.

A night of cuddling

The thing to always remember about a cum slut who loves humiliation is that you have to give them aftercare. They go through a lot of emotions during their sessions and they need to be taken care of afterward. Both my regular hook up and I took turns cuddling with her and telling her how great of a job she did. We finally ended up falling asleep that night in my hook up’s bed. I was on my back in the middle with both girls sleeping on my chest and I can’t think of a better ending that that.