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Hooking up with a Rocker Chick – Part 1

It may come as a surprise, but I learned a long time ago that female musicians hook up with just as many groupies as the male ones do. I was shocked, as well, but it’s the truth. The reason that I know that is because I actually hooked up with one. I had no idea that it was going to happen, but it did. I wasn’t even old enough to drink at the time, but this woman was easily in her mid to late 30s. She knew what she liked and what she wanted. What she wanted that night was some young dick and I was the guy who was going to provide it. The funny part it that I didn’t even go there with the intention of meeting with her face to face. I was just a fan of a band and I was able to get tickets to a show just after I had turned 18. The best part was that I was also able to get backstage passes. I had never even really been to an actual concert before, let alone getting backstage. I had really good tickets, too. I was right up front for the whole thing and that’s probably what led to my night of passion with this rockstar who was in the prime of her career and more than willing to cash in on her fame for some cock.

She was scanning the crowd

So this woman was the guitarist for the group. I knew her name at the time, but it was a long ago and I simply can’t think of it. I could probably look them up, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Either way, like I said, I was right up at the front of the stage. I was watching them play when she walked up right in front of me for her solo. I’ve played guitar before, and I can tell you that I can’t take my eyes off of my hands or I’ll fuck up. This girl didn’t even have to glance at her fingers. Her eyes were glued to the audience and she seemed to be singling people out just to make eye contact with them. That was pretty cool for someone in the audience to be looked at by their idols, but now I realize that she was scanning the audience for someone to be her entertainment for the night.

I wanted to meet the lead singer

Anyway, the show ended and I was pumped. I had my backstage pass in hand and I hung out by the stage while the vast majority of the audience started to file out of the theater and back to their cars. The crew eventually came out and opened up the barricade to let people with passes shuffle into the backstage space. I made my way back there and the old smell of mold and mildew hit me immediately. I still associate that smell with music and sex, and that’s just weird. Most of the people, myself included, made a line into a backroom where the lead singer and one of the band members was shaking hands and signing autographs. That was when I got a tap on my shoulder. I looked behind me and saw a massive bodyguard with a shaved head and a chest that must have been the entire size of my body. He wrapped his ham fist around that shoulder and leaned in to whisper/shout into my ear so I could hear it against all of the noise. He told me that the band’s guitarist saw me in the crowd and that she wanted to get to know me better in her dressing room.

No idea what was happening

I just have to reiterate here that I had no idea what was happening. I was young and this was my first show. I can look back at it now and know exactly what was going on. If I was a bouncer and it was my job to get girls into the band’s dressing rooms, then I would have said the same exact thing. If the person they’re getting is mature enough, they know exactly what “wanted to get to know you better” meant. It’s obvious to anyone with sexual experience and you’re never going to say no. If you’re not mature enough, you’re still not going to say no. That could mean anything to you. Once you figure it all out, like I did, you’ll look back on it and smack yourself in the head for not realizing what was up. Either way, though, I nodded and let him lead me through the crowd by my shoulder. I really wanted to meet the lead singer, but this girl was still awesome and I figured I’d still have time after talking to her or whatever we were about to do.

She was sweaty and sexy

The bodyguard walked me to a door with her name on it, opened it up, and gently pushed me inside. The room had a large mirror with a table and seat off to the right side. There was a collection of fruits, wine bottles, and makeup on it. There was a sofa on the left hand wall and the guitarist was just walking in from a door on the wall directly in front of me. I’m assuming it was the bathroom or something. She was hot as well. She was wearing a tight, black t-shirt, tight jeans, had a collar around her neck and eyeliner that made her green eyes look like they were glowing. She smiled at the bodyguard, thanked him, and then smiled at me.

“Hi, hun, how’s it going?” she asked me as she let herself fall to her side and land on the sofa with her right leg tucked up under her left knee so she could face me.

All I could do was say that I was all right and she patted the sofa cushion next to her for me to sit down.

More next time I’m still a little shocked that I got the chance to do any of this, but it didn’t end there. I was just about to learn that life on the road is hard and sometimes it takes something equally as hard to relax at the end of the day. I’ll let you know what happened next time. Let’s just say that this was a woman who was used to this sort of thing and I was about to be taken for a ride that I’ll never forget about.