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Hooking up with a Rocker Chick – Part 2

So, there I was in her dressing room with no idea what was about to happen. She patted the cushion and I moved quickly to sit down next to her. I notice that she ran her eyes up and down my body while I moved. I must have seemed a little nervous because she told me to just relax and hang out with her. I had no choice but to be a little nervous. I was alone in a room with the guitarist from my favorite band. I hadn’t even tried to meet her. I had backstage passes and just thought I’d get a, autograph from the lead singer in the main room. Instead, the bodyguard pulled me out of the crows and told me that the guitarist wanted to get to know me better. Now I was sitting next to her. She was resting her head on her right hand and leaning in close to me while she talked. She was basically just asking me if I liked the show and things like that. I just told her how great it was and how much it rocked and that was when it turned time for her to get what she wanted out of me.

Things got sexual real fast

I now know what this was all about. I was a fan of the group and one of the members was horny. It happens all the time. It’s why rock stars have so many kinds all over the world. They bang anyone who likes them enough to make it backstage. Back then, though, I had no idea. I really didn’t know what to do when she leaned in with a naughty smile and started running her finger up and down my chest. She just looked right into my eyes and said “I’m glad you liked the show, hun. What do you say to having a little more fun before you head home?”

At this point I was getting super turned on. My cock was getting hard, but I had no idea that she was coming on to me. First of all, she was in her 30s and I was just 18. I just didn’t think that women her age wanted to have anything to do with someone like me. On top of that, she was famous. She had no business even wanting to get this close to a nobody like me. I did what anyone would do in that situation and just nodded.

Jeans come off quickly

That was all she needed from me in terms of consent. She just yelled “GREAT!”  and went to work. She quickly turned her finger on my chest into her whole hand and pushed me back against the arm of the sofa. I can’t describe how naughty her smile looked, but her eyeliner made even naughtier. Anyway, she grabbed my knees from behind and pulled my legs so my back was fully on the sofa. She managed up unbutton and unzip my pants faster than I even could. She was clearly very experienced in this. Then she hooked her fingers under my pants and underwear and just pulled them right down to my knees. Her eyes locked onto my quickly hardening penis and grew wide with excitement. She just looked up at me and said “Woof! You’re big, hun! I made a good choice tonight! I’ll have to get myself ready for this thing!”

With that, she stood up, kicked off her shoes, and forced her tight jeans off of her body and onto the floor. Then she slipped off her tiny panties and mounted me with her crotch hovering above mine.

She got herself ready

Just like she said she would, she got herself ready while she was straddling above me. She moved her left hand to her pussy and started running it left and right with her middle finger right on her clit. It was moving so fast that I had trouble seeing it. While she was doing that, she licked her right palm and wrapped it around my shaft to jerk me off and get me as hard as possible. She just kept looking at me and smiling the whole time, occasionally licking her top lip like a predator that was getting ready for its big meal. I just laid there for her. I didn’t know if I was supposed to do anything or not. I didn’t want to overstep my bounds in any way. I just wanted her to keep doing what she was doing because I was certainly enjoying it at this point. I was about to fuck a rock star and how many people can say that? She was hot as hell and I didn’t have to do a thing but be in the same room as her.

It didn’t take long

It was just a minute or two and she was wet enough to take me in. She used her fingers around the base of my shaft to position me and lowered her pussy down right on top of my cock. I slid inside with no resistance at all. She moaned at being filled up and sank down until she was sitting on top of me. Then she started to grind into me and ride me with her hands on my shoulders. All she really said was, “Here we go, hun. Don’t worry about pulling out, just wait until I’m ready.”

With that she just went to work. This was nothing close to a romantic encounter. I was like a piece of meat to her and I loved it. She was using me for sex and I had no problem with that at all. She needed to fuck someone and I just happened to be that person that night. She rode me fast and slow and all around. She knew exactly what she liked and that’s what she did. Her pussy felt amazing, but it was her facial expressions that really got me off. They were intense I was the one giving them to this rock star.

She came quick

This wasn’t a long fuck session or anything like that. She was there to get a job done and she did it. Something like five minutes later she half moaned and half yelled, “Are you ready? Cum with me! I’m cumming, cum with me!”

I tensed ever muscle that I had down there and made sure that I shot off my load as soon as she started to cum on top of me. I forced my cock as deep inside her as I could possibly manage to make it feel as good as possible. I pressed harder with each spurt and emptied by balls deep inside her body. She moaned the whole time she was cumming and finally loosened her grip on me and collapsed. She didn’t land on top of me, but propped herself up on the arm of the sofa behind my head. She smiled down at me with tired and happy eyes and kissed me on my nose. Then she just rolled off of me and sat down on the chair by the mirror on the other side of the room. She has her legs spread wide and I could see my creampie leaking out of her hole.

She gave me a gift

She leaned forward while I was sitting up on the sofa. She grabbed onto her panties and jeans. I grabbed for my own underwear and pulled them on. She had her jeans back on but unbuttoned by the looked up. She walked over to my pants, lifted them, and shoved her worn panties into the back pocket. Then she walked up to me and told me that it was something to remember her by and smacked me on my ass. “If you hurry, you can still get an autograph. I’m going to take a shower.” Was all she said after that. She disappeared into the bathroom and left me to finish getting dressed. I pulled on my pants and just headed out the door. I figured that it was mu cue, anyway. I got back to my original line right as the last person was getting an autograph. I shook the lead singer’s hand, but he suddenly seemed a whole lot less important to me. I must have looked just like every other piece of road ass that this woman had gotten because he knew exactly what happened. He winked at me and signed a CD for me, then said it looked like I got an extra show that night, and that was it. I was ushered out by the crew and made my way out of the empty theater and into the parking long. It’s still the most fun I’ve ever had at a concert and I’m certain that I still have her panties somewhere. Maybe I’ll go looking for them or maybe I’ll just take a look and see if the band is still touring.