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Hooking up With His Professor – Part 1

This is a story from another friend of mine. This guy has been hooking up with women since I’ve known him. I went to high school with him and he was always able to convince the hot girls to really get to know him. We lost touch for a few years, but go back together after college. It turned out that he never let his abilities fall into disuse. He had plenty of stories to tell and I’m still all ears when he wants to open up. He recently told me this story about hooking up with one of his college professors and he’s letting me tell it here.

His grades were down

This whole thing started with him being in a bad place. He was exhausted from having to put himself through school and being exhausted from working every single second that he wasn’t in class. His grades started to fall a little bit and this professor took notice. She invited him into her office to see what was going on and he just let it all spill out. College is a very stressful time and she was more than sympathetic to him. In fact, she offered to see him after hours and help him out with all of his work to get him over his hump.

He saw her every night

He was in no position to say no and happily agreed to meet with her. The invitation was open to him any time he had an hour or so. He headed to her office and she always helped him out in any way that she could. What he said he noticed was that her blouses tended to get lower and her skirts tended to get higher and these days wore on. There finally came a time when he had to tell her that he wouldn’t be able to make their appointment the next day.

She catered to his every need

His work schedule was making it harder for him to keep going to her at the end of every day and there was finally a day where he just couldn’t do it. She still seemed to really want to help him, though. She offered him the ultimate in scholarly help. She would see him at her house after his shift was over for the night. It didn’t matter what time it happened to be.

He had to agree

Naturally, he couldn’t say no. This was the kind of help that you just never come across. He agreed to go to her house, but let her know that it might be very, very late. She told him that any hour would be okay, as long as he showed up for her help. He got her address and that was it for the rest of the night. He went to class the next day and went through the motions, then headed to work. After that, it was timed to take her up on her offer.

It was a late night

He finally got to her place well after midnight. He wasn’t even sure that she’d be away to let him in. He was actually ready to simply ring her bell and give it a few minutes before he left. That’s why it was such a shock when the door opened and she greeted him with a smile. Of course, it was really what she was wearing that should have told him that she was really after something else. She was wearing a sheer bathrobe that really showed off her perfect figure underneath.

Her feet gave it away

Looking back on it, he says that it was her feet that really gave it away. Sure, she was in a see-through bathrobe with a silk teddy underneath, but she was using her feet to telegraph her intentions. They were completely naked. It’s a small thing, but an important. You just don’t invite someone like a student over to your house and greet them in bare feet unless you have something else on your mind, and she certainly did. She still made it all about helping him out, though, and that’s what made it all so much fun for him.

He tried to study

The whole time he was there, he really tried to focus on his work for her sake. She was helping him and he was talking it seriously. She just made it difficult by making sure that he always had a view right down into her cleavage. It would have all come together for an amazing night, but he was just so damn exhausted. He kept yawning and it didn’t take long for her to notice it. Being the way that she was, she made it her business to help him out with that, as well.

She offered a nap

“Aww, sweetie, are you really that tired?” She asked him. All he could do was nod and feel bad about eh whole thing. Here was this professor really going above and beyond to help him and he couldn’t really focus on anything. That was when she decided to offer him a nap. Actually, she kind on insisted. She took him by the hand led him right to the closest sofa. She laid him down and covered him with a blanket, no matter how much he protested. She was just that kind of person.

She put him to sleep

“Don’t worry about it, at all. I know you’re tired. Here, let me help you take a nap before we continue.” That was when things really started to get crazy. She knew he needed to sleep and that he was going to fight it to not seem rude. She just reached under the blanket, unzipped his pants, and jerked him off with her warm, soft hands. He was exhausted and hadn’t felt an orgasm in months, so he was ready to blow in a matter of seconds. She just aimed him into her other palm and jerked out his entire back up load for him. The she brought that hand up to her mouth, swallowed every last drop that he had to give her, covered him back up and turned off the light with a smile. He passed out immediately after that.

More next time

There’s a whole lot more to this story and I want to make sure that I get it all out. I’ll continue it next time so you can hear every last detail of his time with this professor. She’s basically the perfect woman and she helped him get through college.