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Hooking up With His Professor – Part 3

The last time I told you about my friend’s experience with is teacher, she spread her legs wide and got a little bit of repayment in the form of an eaten pussy. After she served him breakfast, it was time to get back to work and she was ready to make it as much fun for him as she possibly could. She was sitting next completely nude and helping him out with his lessons. What really made the difference was what she did when he got something right or wrong. A wrong answer would get him a spanking, but a right answer would get her hand on his thigh. At least that was how it started.

She got him naked

It wasn’t long before she had him just as naked as she was. It couldn’t have been more obvious that he was enjoying himself. He says he had a massive erection the entire time and she really seemed to enjoy it. He was still running though his lessons when they got a pretty difficult question. She rubbed his naked back with her hand and just told him to do the best that he could.

He got it right

He got the answer the way that it was supposed to be and she was ecstatic. She could finally tell that her hard work was finally paying off. She was so happy that she had to reward him and, to do that, she told him to lean back. Then she spit right in her hand and started jerking him off again. He says that her hand was the softest that he had ever had and he loved every single second of it. She paid special attention to his head and rubbed and stroked it until he was just about to cum.

She could tell

It was probably the pulsing in his shaft or the way his balls tightened, but she could tell he was about to blow and she stopped. She pulled him back up so he was sitting straight up and got him right back into his lessons. Her hand went right back to his naked and they ran through it all until they came to another difficult question. He was having some trouble with it, but she knew how to motivate him. She lightly brushed her fingers up and down his shaft and told him that he could get it if he really tried.

He was right again

Once again, he was right and she was happy. She spit right onto his cock and started stroking it for him again. She looked right into his eyes and started whispering to him how great he was doing and how proud she was of him. Once again, he says that she could tell he was about to blow his load into her hand. Once again, she stopped. This time, she didn’t pull him up, though. She could tell that he was getting sexually frustrated and needed a release to get back to focusing.

She made sure to help him focus

“Aww, sweetie, you’re all backed up again, aren’t you? Here, let me help you focus on your work.”

That was all she said before she put her hands on his shoulders and mounted right up on him. She was soaked with juice and his dick practically jumped right inside of her. She locked eyes with him the entire time and just smiled while she rode him. She made sure to take him as deep as she could and she also made sure to ride him as slowly as possible. She clearly wanted it to last for as long as possible. She wanted it to be the best orgasm he has ever had and she knew exactly how to give it to him. Any time he got close to cumming, she’d simply stop and lean forward to kiss him on the forehead and hold his face in between her perfect tits. I’m pretty sure that he’s never had a better fuck than the one he got that day. He has no idea how long it lasted, but it must have been a very long time before she whispered into his ear again.

She rode him faster

He could feel her breath blow past his ear with her cheek resting on his when she said, “Okay, sweetie, cum inside mommy.” She could feel her smile against his skin and she picked up her speed to ride him fast and hard for almost a minute. That was all he needed to blow his entire load deep inside his professor. The way he tells it, he thought that he could feel every single last drop of cum in his body shoot out and into her tight pussy and she didn’t stop riding until she was sure that she got it all inside of her.

That was his entire day

She just sat on top of him and let him rest until his cock fully deflated and just fell out of her. The she dismounted and sat next to him with her hand on his thigh. Once he was fully able to regain control of himself, they went back to studying. The whole scene replayed itself over and over again. She would jerk him off for correct answers until he was backed up and frustrated. Then she would mouth up and ride him until he shot his load inside of her. That was one of the best days of his life and certainly one of his best hook ups. He has plenty of other stories that he wants to share. You’ll be hearing all about them later on. I just wanted to make sure that you have a basic understanding of the kind of hooking up that he gets into. It’s something that everyone should be able to experience at least once in his life. This professor practically got him through college and he’s always been extremely grateful to her. In fact, he never shies away from sending other students her way when they need a little extra help with school.