Hookup Stories

Hooking Up with the Last girl – Part 1

Anyone who spends a lot of time hooking up has had to make the decision of hooking up with the last girl at the bar. It’s never an easy decision. This girl is usually drunk off her ass and never the most attractive one that you can find. There’s a reason that she’s the last one. No else has taken her up on her offers and now she’s spent way too many hours drinking and being horny. If you decide to have sex with her, you can end up fucking a girl that accuses you of taking advantage of her the next day. They love to push their own irresponsibility off on other people. She made the decision to go out and get drunk. She also made the decision to flash her pussy to anyone who might just take it. Then, when it happens, they feel so ashamed of themselves that they just have to blame someone else for their actions. That was the kind of decision that I was faced with one night. I was at the bar and I could already tell which girl was going to end up being the last one there that night.

She couldn’t have looked sluttier

The whole thing about this girl is that she was alone and it was clear that she in the market for cock. Her dress was tight and it plunged almost all the way down to her nipples. I say nipples because she certainly wasn’t wearing a bra. I could see them poking out through the fabric. It also rode up all the way to her ass. I caught her standing and bending over a few time and got a look at her floppy pussy in between her thighs. I can’t say that this girl was ugly, but she wasn’t exactly my type. She wasn’t fat, but she was overweight. She has the beginnings of a gut just pushing out on her dress. Chubby, I guess, is what I’d call her. That’s fine if you’re into it, but I like my girls skinny and petite. If she worked in an office with you then you’d have to call her office hot if she was the only game in town. Either way, it was really her personality that was the turn off for me and that’s something that I have a lot of trouble getting over.

She was getting belligerent

I watched her for a bit of entertainment as the night wore on. The place was thinning out and she was turning into the last chance for a lot of different guys. I watched them walk up to her and sit next to her for a minute or two. They would all end up getting up and leaving after talking to her. I don’t know what she was saying but I can only imagine. I watched one guy sit next to her and whisper something into her ear. She proceeded to grab for his dick right there and only ended up knocking over his drink all over his pants. She still tried to grab his shaft, but it was just too much for him. People started staring and he just walked right out of the bar instead. This was the kind of woman that I always wanted to stay away from and I was having no problem doing it. I wasn’t even there to get laid. I knew the bartender and I was just hanging out and talking to him a little bit. That was the long and short of my time and I fully expected to head back home very shortly and pass out.

Last call was a problem

Once last call came around, it was obvious that she wasn’t in any mood to leave by herself. She wasn’t being loud, but a few good Samaritans tried to get her to put down her drink and head home. She had gotten cut off a while ago but she was managing to nurse the last one to stick around. Then the bartender called out the last call and the final orders came in. The people drank them up and the lights came on. Everyone shuffled for the door except the girl and myself. I was still talking to the bartender until he got called over to the girl by the bouncer. I stood to put my jacket on and he came back to ask a favor of me. The girl was refusing to leave unless someone fucked her. I laughed at it, but the look on his face told me that he was being serious. He said he offered to call her a cab but she refused and he really didn’t want to call the police on her. He asked me if I could please give her a ride home. He said he’d do it himself but he had a baby to get home to and I felt bad for him. He was trying to be nice and she was making it difficult. I could convince her to get into my car then just leave her at her house. It made sense. She’d probably think that I was taking her home to bang her and she wouldn’t say no. She’d probably forget all about it by the time we pulled up. I agreed and that sent me down a path that I just wasn’t expecting to be on at all.

More next time

That was just the beginning and I’ll have more next time. She was a crazy girl and there ended up being a lot more to her than I thought at first. While I was just planning on dropping her off, I ended up having a much longer night that I thought I was going to have. She wasn’t about to let someone take her home without giving her a good, old fashioned fucking, but I’ll talk about that next time. You’ll be surprised at what she ended up doing to me.