Hookup Stories

Hooking Up with the Last girl – Part 3

Sometimes being nice can get you into trouble and that’s exactly what had just happened to me. I agrees to drive the last drunk girl at the bar home and I was already paying for it. This horny, chubby drunk decided that she just couldn’t wait until she got home. She dropped her panties to the floor of my car and just started fucking herself while I drove her home. I decided to just let her go at it because I thought it would get the horniness out of her system. Once I got to her house, I wanted to just drop her off and be done with it. I never considered the fact that she might be a squirter, though. She soaked the inside of my car when she came. My dashboard and windshield were both dripping with it. She also managed to soak my passenger seat. I tried to be nice and drive her home and now I was going to have to get my entire car detailed. I finally pulled up to her apartment and it was pretty clear right away that I still wasn’t done with her. I told her that she was home and she immediately sat back up in her seat and looked at herself in my rearview mirror.

She still wanted company

Okay, Daddy let’s go. I look nice and pretty for you.” She said.

She was in the middle of her sentence when she grabbed onto my dick yet again over my pants. It still wasn’t registering with her that I was about as far from hard as you can possibly get.

“No, I’m tired. It’s time for you to head home.” I said.

“No, you have to come with me! I’ve been naughty again and I need a spanking!”

While I completely agree that she needed a spanking, or maybe something much worse, I was in no mood. I just pointed to her door and looked forward. I could hear her getting upset, but that was it for me. I had enough of her and I wanted to go home. It took her a while but she finally got the hint and opened the door with a “FINE! You’re not fun!.”

As soon as the door opened, she fell out of it and fell right on the concrete of the sidewalk. This bitch was a mess.

She couldn’t make it

I really tried to just sit there and watch her go into her building but it never happened. She got up her feet again and just started stumbling all over the place. I also noticed that her feet were still bare. She left her shoes, socks, and panties on my floor, but I didn’t care. It hit me that I had no option but to physically walk her up to her door. She wasn’t going to make it on her own. I leaned over wet seat and pulled by passenger door closed. I sat back for a second and just let out a loud sigh to make myself feel better. Then I got out and grabbed onto her arm. She was fumbling through her purse at this point and having a hard time standing up straight. She smiled as soon as I touch her and she followed me to the front door of her building. I asked her which floor she lived and, of course, it was high up. She was never going to make the stairs on her own. I called for an elevator and got her inside as soon as the doors opened.

She pulled me in

She finally got her keys out by the time the elevator doors open and we made our way to her room. She fumbled a few times to get the key into the lock and the door finally swung open. This was the moment I had been waiting for, but she was leaning on me too much. She stumbled into her apartment when the door opened and she pulled my right in with her. The door closed on its own behind us and I was suddenly leaning against her and a wall.

“Ooh, Daddy, finally!” She said. She grabbed my dick over my pants yet again and started to rub it. Like I said, I was nowhere near turned on, but you can only take so much rubbing before you start to react. I started to get hard under her hand and tried to pull away from her. She wrapped her arm around me tight and I didn’t want to pull too hard and make her fall again. I just gave in and let her shove her hand down my pants and wrap her fingers around my shaft. I can’t say that it didn’t feel good, but I have t mission.

I led her with my dick

I turned my back toward what I assumed was her bedroom and started walking toward it. She was smiling and jerking me off in my pants the whole time. I was basically just leading to her bedroom with my dick and she was following. I was fully hard at this point and I have to say that he hands were nice and soft. She managed to unbutton my pants and pull my dick out while we walked. My main mission was to drop her onto her bed and just leave. She’d be safe and I could finally go home. The door to her room opened behind me and I felt around for a light switch on the wall. She was using both hands on my dick at this point and it was starting to feel better and better to me. I was getting to the point where I was actually considering just letting her finish me off before I left her apartment. I decided against is just kept walking back to her bed. I stopped and had my first look around at my surroundings. I wasn’t expecting what I saw.

Her Room was built for pleasure

I was pretty shocked by what I saw in her room and I just had to stand there and take it all in. She took the opportunity to get down on her knees and start sucking my cock. I knew it was happening, but I was too focused on her room to really register it. She had a large bed with a TV and DVD player by the foot. Right next to it was a massive fuck machine. If you don’t know what a fuck machine is, it’s a giant piston with a dildo on the end. It’s made for hard fucking and you’ve probably seen it in a bunch of porn. It’s not anything that’s for the weak of heart. There was also a massive magic wand on the nightstand next to her bed with plenty of lube next to it. There was a large towel on top of the best with a huge collection of whips, floggers, vibrators, dildos, anal beads, clit suckers, and canes next to it. It was all clearly set up for her own self-pleasure and she so used to having to fuck herself that she never bothered to put any of it away. I couldn’t think of anything other than her playing porn loud on the TV with her legs spread and the fuck machine pounding her pussy while she worked her clit with the wand every single night.

I finally understood her

This was a girl who was starved for sex. Yes, she had drank too much and made a mess of my car, but I could finally understand where she was coming from. She wasn’t just horny on a Saturday night. She was desperate and starved for it. She was so used to having to take care of herself that she had dedicated her entire bedroom to masturbation. It was a gentle masturbation, either. The dildo on the fuck machine was massive and she was clearly attacking her pussy with it. She needed it bad and the bar, and my car, had just been a symptom of that. I felt a cold trail of spit drip off my balls and it pulled me out of my thoughts. I looked down at her still sucking my dick. She was drooling all over it and massaging my balls with her soft, warm hands. She was really putting a lot of effort into it and it felt really good. So good, in fact, that I went from not turned on at all to getting ready to cum when she looked up at me with her pleading eyes and running mascara.

More next time

I really wasn’t expecting what happened that night. I though the girl was just drunk and obnoxious. It never occurred to me that she was desperate for physical love. I had a decision to make and her mouth working my dick was making it difficult you say no. The most surprising thing about the whole thing was how good she was at everything she did. From jerking me off to blowing me, she knew what she was doing. I’ll let you know what I decided to do the next time I get a chance to talk about it.