Hookup Stories

Hooking Up with the Last girl – Part 5

So there I was in the drunk girl’s bedroom. She was desperate for sex and I had just decided to give it to her. I felt bad for her. Her entire room was designed around her habitual masturbation. It was obvious that she never got laid and she really needed it. That was why she was so needy at the bar. She hadn’t gotten it in a very long time and it was just too much for her to stand anymore. I was there and it was now my job to give her what she was missing. I had to give her enough that she’d actually be satisfied for a good amount of time. If I didn’t do it right, I ran the risk of having her show up at the bar again and recognizing me. She’d know that I’d be willing to take care of her at that point and she just wouldn’t leave me alone. That was why I attacked her body with every intention of leaving her so sore that she wouldn’t be able to touch her pussy for at least a few days afterward. That might give her enough time to forget who I was.

I fingered her hard

I jammed by middle two fingers deep into her pussy and she almost screamed at being penetrated by another person. I can’t tell you how wet she was at this point. I felt no friction at all. My finger just disappeared inside her. Her thighs were both completely soaked at this point. I’m sure some of it was the just giant squirt she let out in my car, but I could tell that a lot of it was fresh pussy juice. That’s how horny she was. She was leaking all over her own legs and I had a lot to do. I had her wrists held above her head to give her a sense of domination. I knew that she’d like that. I held them tight and jackhammered her pussy with my fingers. Then I hooked them to work her g-spot. I had no problem finding it at all. It was swollen inside her and it really didn’t take much to work her up into a frenzy. In fact, it was probably just a minute or so before she started screaming the word Daddy and squirting all over my hand and forearm.

I kept her going

I made sure to keep stimulating her g-spot while she came. It was really hard and lasted a very long time. The fat on her thighs was quivering while she went. I didn’t want to stop, though. I wanted to give her as intense an orgasm as I possibly could. The harder the orgasm, the less time I’d have to spend there and I was still all about heading home and going to be. Of course, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t turned on in some way. I just made a girl squirt and that always has to have some kind of an effect on you. Anyway, her orgasm ended up lasting longer that it took me to give it to her. Her legs finally started bucking to let me know she was done and I was overstimulating her. I had to pay attention because there was no way that I could trust her to tell me when she’d had enough. She was going to take anything that I gave her and that was obvious from the very beginning. I finally pulled out my soaking wet fingers and pressed them to her mouth. She dutifully stated to lick off all of her squirt and juices while I got ready for the next step.

I know my body

There’s one thing that I know about myself that’s more important than most other things. I know that I can cum up to three times in a single fuck session. That doesn’t mean I can shoot a load and just keep going, though. I need to take a break after I cum and then I can go right back to it. It usually takes about ten minutes for me to be ready again. In fact, if I don’t cum three times then I’m usually not fully satisfied. It’s just something that I’ve learned over the years and how I work. It comes into play a lot with fetish girls. They normally have a lot of different scenarios that they want to play out on any given night. The sex gets intense, so it’s not like it happen every night. That means that they have to get as much as they can on any given hook up. The three orgasms thing really comes in handy on those nights and I knew that I was going to have to tap into it for this dumb bitch.

I mounted up

I didn’t want to give her too much time to recover. I wanted to hit her hard and fast and get it over with. Her legs were hanging over the side of her bed so I grabbed onto her ankles and lifted so her knees were on either side of her head. Once again, I didn’t have to put in any effort at all. I stood in front of her and shoved my cock right inside her pussy. It accepted me and I felt her nails dig into my ass cheeks as she grabbed onto me to get me deeper. She wanted it all and I just started hammering away. I pounder her until I felt my cock slam against her cervix. I even pulled out all the way and slammed it right back inside her so she’d feel me penetrate every single inch of her pussy as many times as possible. This is when she really got loud. She started begging me to fuck her pussy and kept calling me Daddy. She was so wet that I started to worry that I was going to just drop a load before I got her to cum for me.

I had to act

I was getting really close at this point. If you ever want to last a decent amount of time then you don’t want to be standing and slamming yourself into a soaking wet hole. I had to do something and I had to do it fast. If I ended up cumming and had to stop then it would give her a chance to take over and I didn’t want that to happen. She’s draw things out far too long and that was the opposite of what I was trying to make happen here. I dropper her left ankle and let it fall onto my shoulder. Then I reached behind me and snatched her right hand to bring it forward. I pressed her fingers into her crotch and told her to rub her clit for Daddy. She looked up at me with as happy a look as I’d seen on her and right away yelled “Yes, Daddy! I’ll do anything you want, Daddy!” Luckily, she started right away and did it just as energetically as I was doing everything else. Almost as soon as she started working her clit, I felt her squirt start to flow.

She came again

Her eyes closed and another orgasm ripped through her body. She actually started laughing at this one. It was like I was giving her all of the satisfaction in the world. Her squirt coated by balls and ran down my legs. Her entire body bucked and she kept working her clit for me. I knew the job had been done and I let my load shoot out inside her. It felt better than I’d like to admit, but it was probably because I knew I was getting closer to finally leaving.

I went to clean up

After I dumped my entire load inside her and she stopped working her clit, I let her legs fall down and my cock slip out of her. I was drenched and I had to do something about it. Her eyes were half closed and she had a big smile on her face. If I stopped now, she was going to get romantic and needy again. I didn’t want that. Literally the last thing I wanted was to have her pull me in to kiss her. I just left her there for a few minutes and made my way to her bathroom. I grabbed onto the nearest towel and wiped her off of me, then I took a nice, long piss and just stood there for a minute. I still had work to do.

More next time

I was getting closer, but my mission wasn’t over yet. I still had things to do to make sure she was satisfied enough to pass out and forget about me. I’ll let you know what happened next. These are pretty much all of the things that I do when I want to fully satisfy a woman and all of her holes in a single night.