Hookup Stories

Hospital Hook up

I figured I’d take some time to remember one of the most unexpected hook ups that I’ve ever had in my life. I wasn’t looking for anything and I certainly wasn’t prepared for it. It was a surprise hook up and I absolutely love that it happened. I haven’t’ spoken to this person ever again, but I’d really like to. She really helped me out and I still think about the way that she felt. I wish I had met her out at the bar or something like that. She’s exactly my kind of woman and if I ever settle down, it’s going to be with someone like her.

I was at the hospital

I’m not going to go into any details, but I was in the hospital. It wasn’t an emergency or anything like that. It was just a simple hospital visit, but I absolutely hate hospitals. I can’t stand them and I’m always on edge inside them. I was with a nurse who was trying to take my blood pressure and all she could see was that it was off the charts. She tried to calm me down, but nothing was working. She needed to do her job and she needed to do it quickly.

She really calmed me down

This nurse was gorgeous and I couldn’t help but maintain a constant half chub under my gown. She blew her hair out of her eyes and looked exasperated at me. That was when she looked down and saw what she was doing to me. She said “Okay, I think I know how to calm you down.” She smiled very sweetly, then just pushed me back onto the table, mounted up on top of me, spit right into her hand, and jerked me off. I can’t tell you how good her hand felt. I got lost in the moment and can’t really remember anything until she kissed me on the forehead, washed her hand, and finally got my blood pressure. It was the best hospital visit I’ve ever had.