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How to Choose a Lube

When you’re hooking up with a bunch of different guys, you never know when you’re going to have to deal with dryness. It happens to lot of women and just the way that it is. It doesn’t matter how badly you want to get fucked. You just can’t get yourself wet enough to take it in. That’s when you have to turn to lubes. They can make it easy to slide right in and get on with your session. Whether it’s for you directly or you just want to keep lube around for the women, here’s how you pick the best one.

Oil based lubes are great at first

Oil based lubes are probably going to be your first choice. They just seem like they’re going to feel better. The thing is that they are, at least at first. Oil based liquids tend to lose their viscosity over time. That leave you feeling like you’re having sex with a wad of gum. You have to reapply it to get the best feeling, but it still feels amazing with every application. If you’re okay with adding it over and over again then this is the lube you want to reach for.

Water based lubes are safest

Not only do water based lubes last longer but they also happen to be a lot safe. Oil based lubes can weaken condoms and ruin toys over time. If you’re using either one of those them you really need to have water based lube handy. This is going to make your sex toys last longer and will keep your condoms safe. You can also use a whole lot less of it. You won’t have to apply it over and over again so you can just go for it. It might be the one that you always reach for.