Hookup Tips

How to Edge Her

Giving your hook up an orgasm can take a whole lot of work, but that’s just scratching the surface. If you have to try really hard to get her off then you’re probably not giving her the kind of orgasm that she really needs. They should always be so intense that she can barely talk or move afterward. If you want to be able to do that, then you have to learn how to edge her. That means that you’re bringing her right to the point of orgasm, but you’re not letting her go over. It makes for the most intense kind of orgasm that a girl can have and here’s how you do it.

Use a lot of lube

The first thing that you need is a whole lot of lube. That’s going to let her keep going without any problems. If you’re edging her for a long time, then she might dry out after a while. You want to really lube her up at the start and never be afraid to apply more as you keep her on edge. If you don’t do this, then you’re running the risk of getting her all the way to the finish, then drying her out before she can cum at all.

Listen to her

Then you have to be really in tune with her body. Make sure that you’re paying as much attention to her as possible. If you push her to the point of no return but refuse to let her cum then you’re going to ruin her orgasm and no one wants that. Just stimulate her until it seems likes she’s about to cum and lay off. You can continue to gently touch her to keep her there for as long as you and that’s how you edge her to the perfect orgasm.