Hookup Tips

How to get Her back for Seconds

If you’re hooking up with a girl that you know you’re going to want to hook up with again, there are a few steps you have to take. Most people go into a hook up thinking that it’s going to be a onetime thing and the reason for that is that they usually are. The sex is usually just okay and it’s more to bang someone that you really want more than anything else. If you want it to be ongoing, all you really have to do is make sure you give her a reason to keep coming back to you.

Make her cum

The first thing seems like it should be really obvious, but it’s what most guys overlook. The sex isn’t all about you. You have to make sure that she’s enjoying it just as much as you are. That means that you have to get her off. She’s not going to come back just for the joy of making you shoot off your load. You have to use your mouth, your hands, your toys, and anything else that it takes to give her a powerful orgasm that she won’t be able to forget.

Offer her more

While you’re having sex with her, pay attention and figure out what she likes the most. Then you’re going to want to offer her even more of that a few days later. If it seemed like she really liked the way you ate her pussy, tell her you can do it even better or make it go even longer next time. If she likes the way you ran your hands over her body, promise her a full body massage. Of you can make it all about her and the things she wants, she might just come back to you when she’s in need again.