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How to get Her Naked in Public

One of the most difficult things to do with a hook up is to get her naked and playing out in public. That’s because you’re not really dating her. You’re just having sex with her and you haven’t built up the kind of trust that you need for something like that yet. Still, it’s a whole lot of fun to do it. There are a few things that you do to convince her that getting naked in public is a good idea. If they work, you’ll be able to play all you want out in the open.

Turn her on

The very first thing that you need to do is turn her on. Make sure you take the time to tell her all of the filthy things that you want to do to her. It helps if you’re somewhere private in public. That lets you slide you hand in between her legs to work her pleasure zone a little bit. You want to get her so turned on that she can’t think about anything other than having sex with you. That’s going to make her more willing to do anything that it takes to make it happen.

Tell her she looks beautiful

Once she’s turned on, all you really have to do is build up her confidence. Tell her how beautiful she is and how lucky anyone would be to see her naked. You don’t have to have an audience, but knowing that someone walking by would like what they see should be enough to let her know that there’s no real reason not to get naked. Once her clothes come off, it’s time to play around with her. Just make sure you keep a lookout. She’s already done her job by getting naked and now it’s your turn to keep her safe.