Hookup Tips

How to get the Most from Her

Hooking up with strangers is always very hit or miss. You can’t really expect to head into it with someone you’ve never met and get everything that you want. First off, it’s pretty obvious that she’s not going to know what you’re into. If you have a fetish or a kink, you can expect not to get it. She’s not just going to run through all of the different taboo acts that she knows about until she hits on the one that you like. That would just be sloppy and come with a whole lot of kinks that you want nothing to do with. Still there are some ways to make sure you get at least some of what you’re really into when you hook up with a stranger and here’s how to do it.

Talk about kink early on

You don’t want to hold your kinks back when you’re talking to someone about hooking up. Just bring it up whenever it seems like a good time. Ask her about the weird stuff that she’s into, then bring up your own. Just try and be funny about it. Make a joke about how much you getting your ass licked and then just let her run with it. She’s either going to be into it or she’s not. It’s just that simple.

Guide her hands on the day

Let’s say you really like getting your butthole fingered when you get a blowjob. That’s all well and good, but you can’t really whisper “Now finger me, baby.” And still come off as the man in this situation. Just let her start working her magic, then move her hand down to your backdoor. She’ll figure it out and take over from there. That will work with most things.

Just wait for the callback

If you don’t want to introduce your kink on the first hook up, you can’t be blamed, especially if it’s the weird stuff. Just give her the most mind blowing night of vanilla sex that you can possible manage and hope you get a callback. It’s that second hook up where you can introduce your kink to her. It’s a much more natural evolution and you can still duck out if she’s not into it. It’s your best bet when you’re into the freaky stuff and you want your booty call to make your time together worth your while.