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How to Get the Most out of Your Hook Up

You can hook up all you want, but if it’s not satisfying then it’s not going to count for much. If you want your hook ups to be as satisfying as possible then you have to get the most out of them. That means looking at them as more than just chances to have sex. You can have any kind of sex that you want as long as you know how to make it happen. It’s all about talking to the person you’re hooking up with to get them to give it their all.

Talk about her fantasies

If you want to get them you have to give. The best thing that you can do is talk to your hook up about her fantasies. You want to get her to open up as much as possible so you can really give them to her. You don’t have to make all of her fantasies come true, but you should give her a hook up that’s just as satisfying as the one that you want to have. If you can give her some fantasies then she’ll be more than happy to give you some of yours.

Talk about what you want

That also means that you’re going to tell her what you want. It always makes sense to talk about your fantasies and fetishes before you hook up. That way, you’ll be able to get it all out before you actually hook up. You’ll know what she’s comfortable with and what you can’t get from her. If there’s still something that you need, you can always find another person to give you just that one thing. It’s not as difficult as it sounds once you comfortable with talking about the sex you’re about to have.