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How to Hook up at a Party

Anyone who’s ever been to a party has found someone that they’re wanted to hook up with. Everyone’s drinking and having a good time and you just can’t help but start to think about banging the people around you. Of course, that means that you have to first convince someone to hook up, then find a place to do it. Leaving the party to run home and have sex is just going to ruin the mood. Here are some quick tips to hooking up at a party when you find someone you want.

Get them alone

The first thing you have to manage is to get the other person alone so you can talk to them. That can be the most challenging thing of all. Your best bet is to find them when they’re by themselves or getting a drink. Then all you have to do is slide in and start talking. Make sure you make them laugh. You also want to demonstrate your worth. This can be done in a few different ways, but it’s just a matter of talking yourself up without it being obvious. If they’re feeling your vibe then you just have to make your move.

Find a spot

Now it comes time to actually find a place where you can hook up. A lot of people are going to try to find an empty bedroom but that’s just asking for trouble. That’s where everyone is going to try to go. What you want to find is a home office or a walk in pantry. These are the rooms that no one ever thinks about. You’ll be able to get as loud as you want and no one’s going to bother you. If all of that fails, just head right out to the car instead.