Hookup Tips

How to Hook up at a Wedding

One of the best places that you can possibly be to find a hook up is at a wedding. Everyone there is in the mood for a little action and your chances are always great. The thing about the women at these events is that they’re all jealous of the girl getting married. That puts them in a position where they’re ready to do anything that it takes to get a mate. While that would normally mean dating someone, they’re always willing to settle for the next best thing and just have a bunch of sex with random guys. Here’s how you make sure that you’re one of them.

Focus in on a bridesmaid

No matter how many women are at the wedding, your best bet is always going to be with one of the bridesmaids. They’re pretty much always single and they’re always desperate for some male companionship. You should zero in on the one that you like the most and work on her all night long. Make sure that she’s single first, though. If she’s dating someone then she’s not going to want to cheat at a wedding. If she’s available then it’s all fair game.

Work the dance floor

You’re not going to get anywhere if you spend all night by yourself. You have to advertise your worth by getting out on the dance floor. Dance alone and try to dance with your target as much as possible. As the night wears on, she’s going to see herself with you more and more. When it’s time to make your move, just head into an empty room. There are tons of them at these reception halls. Duck into one and have the one night stand that will stay in your memory for as long as you live.