Hookup Tips

How to Hook up in a Car

Lots of people fantasize about having sex in their cars. We spend a whole lot of time inside them and it’s only natural to think about banging in them. The problem is that it’s not that easy. In fact, a lot of people can’t even figure out how to do it. There’s a lot more to worry about than when you’re having sex in a bed. Then there’s the fact that you’re out in public and anyone can see what you’re doing if they try hard enough. Here’s how you go about hooking up inside your car.

Let your Fingers do the work

If you’re busy driving, but you still want to get it on, all you have to do is use your fingers. One hand on the wheel in plenty and you can use the other to reach over and finger your hook up under her clothes. It’s easiest if she’s wearing a skirt, but you can really get your hand into anything. Just drive around and work her pussy while the world passes her by. There isn’t going to be much that’s hotter to her than cumming with other people driving all around her.

Push the seat back and relax

Of course, you’re going to want her to take care of you, as well. That’s when you simply push your seat back and let her get to work. She can just lean over and give you a blowjob while you watch the road. You’ll have to divide your attention, but it’s more than doable. The best thing is to let her get you right to the edge and keep yourself there until you hit a red light. Then you just let your load blow and let her handle the cleanup after it turns green.

Sit in the passenger seat

If you want to have actual sex, all you have to do is park and get into the passenger. It’s going to be much easier for her to mount you without the wheel in the way. This works great because she can get completely naked without the fear of being seen. If someone happens to walk by, all she has to do is lean into you to cover herself up. You can even continue the grinding and the thrusting while the stranger passes you by. Pushing the back of the seat all of the way back is a great way to find some extra space.

Try it out next time

You don’t have to just fantasize about having sex in your car. You can go out and do it right now. Tell your next hook up that you want to try something fun and just reach over after you pick her up. Any horny girl is going to into it. It will excite her and make her ready for anything that you want to do out on the street. Give it a shot and you’ll find out just how much fun car sex can be.