Hookup Tips

How to Hook up Over the Phone

Wanting to hook up all of the time is natural. Sex is good and you want to have as much of it as you can. The problem is that there are some times when you just can’t do it. Either you’re too far away from the person that you’re hooking up with or you just can’t get together. That’s when the phone is your best friend. It allows you to have an orgasm with someone, even when you’re not together. It’s different from sexting because you actually get to hear. If you’re already hooking up with someone, here’s how you can do it on the phone when you’re separated.

Talk about sex

The first step is simply to get them turned on. Make sure you’re speaking clearly and that you have a good connection. When the time comes, talk to her about one of the last times that you had sex. Ask her how it felt. Ask her what she liked about it. Ask her if she wants to do it again. Ask her to tell you what she wants to do to you the next time you hook up. This is going to get her going and ready for some action.

Tell her it’s okay

Masturbating in front of someone is extremely embarrassing for most women. It’s something they only do when they’re alone and most of them feel that it’s wrong. That’s why you have to make sure you let her know that it’s completely okay. Ask her if she feels like she wants to touch herself. If she says yes, then all you have to do is tell her that it’s completely okay if she wants to do it right now. She may resist, but given enough time, she’ll start finger blasting her fun hole while you get to listen to the whole thing.