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How to Hook up Safely

If you’re a woman who enjoys sex, then you’re going to be hooking up with a lot of strangers. It’s a very exciting way of getting your action, but you have to make sure you can do it safely. You never know what kind of guy you’re going to be meeting up with once you take things from online into the real world. If you can follow two simple rules then you’ll be in a much safer situation when you head. They’re not difficult at all and you just have to remember to do them.

Have a safety call

You also want to make sure you have someone waiting for you to call them. You don’t have to tell them everything that you’re doing. Just make sure you tell a friend that you’re going to call them at some point. If you don’t call, they should be ready to call you. If you don’t answer, their next call should be to the place where you’re meeting up with your hook up. Just have them ask someone who works there to check on you and everything should be fine. If no one can find you, then the next call goes to the police.

Meet up in a public place

Of course, this means that you have to meet up in a public place. It’s only for your first time hooking up with a new person. Make sure there are people there who can see you. This is when you can take the time to talk to the person face to face and make sure nothing sets off your gut. If it does, just walk away. If it doesn’t, then you’re in for a night of fun and fucking. Enjoy your hook up and let yourself have a good time! Now you’ll only get tied up if you want it!