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How to Hook up With a Bartender

Heading to the local bar and seeing a hot bartender that you want to bang more than anyone else in the place is nothing new. Having hot people selling you drinks is a trick that most of these places uses. Of course, when you really, really want to hook up with her, there are few different tricks that you can use. They deal with drunk people wanting to fuck them constantly. You just have to make yourself stand out and show them that you’re more than just a regular patron who wants to get into their pants.

Don’t get drunk

The first thing you have to do is absolutely refuse to get drunk. They don’t want to deal with that. You might be out having a good time, but they’re working. If you turn yourself into a problem then they’re not going to think about fucking you. They’re also not going to let yet another drunk guy flirt with them all night. They get way too tired of that sort of thing. Separate yourself from the pack by keeping your sits about you. You can have a few drinks, but that’s it. No drunk guys ever fuck the bartender.

Don’t flirt

The next thing you have to not to do is flirt with her. Once again, that’s all she gets. Talk to her like a person. Get to know her as much as you possibly can. Ask her about what she likes and where she goes to have a good time. Make her laugh and that will make the difference. Just treat her like a regular girl and keep yourself sober. That’s the best way to be the guy who gets to fuck the bartender after the night is over and everyone else goes home to pass out.