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How to Hook up with a Cuckoldress

Spend enough time hooking up and you’re going to come across a cuckoldress. This is a woman who derives sexual pleasure from humiliating her husband by having sex with other men. They’re usually upfront about it so you’re going to know what you’re getting yourself into. If you think that having sex with a cuckoldress is the same thing as having an affair with a married woman then you’re very wrong. What makes this whole thing exciting for both the woman and the man is that the husband knows all about it. That means that you have to adjust your action accordingly.

Be very explicit

If you’ve had an affair with a married women before then you probably kept it all very discreet. That’s’ not going to happen here. You can’t be discreet. The husband is supposed to know all about it. He’s supposed to read her text messages and get humiliated by them. That means you have to be explicit when you text her. You have to talk about what you want to do to her pussy and how hard you’re going to give her your dick. That’s what she’s after and she’ll be responding in the same exact ways.

You’ll be watched

When it comes time to actually have sex with her, you’re probably going to have an audience. The husband is going to want to watch and the wife is going to want him to see it all as it happens. You really have to be okay with that. There aren’t many ways that you can get around it. If you hate the idea of someone sitting in the corner and watching you do your thing to his wife then you’re probably going to want to stay away from this sort of sexual experience.

It’s always a performance

Having sex in front of a cuckold isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to perform for him and make sure he sees you doing all of those filthy things to his wife. That means really choosing your positions. If you really want to humiliate him then you want to give him a clear view of your dick going into his wife. Then, when it’s time to drop your load, it has to be in a place that’s easily accessible to him. That can mean a body shot or a shallow creampie.

Be okay with him and your semen

The most extreme cases of cuckoldry is going to involve the husband touching your semen. That can come in the form of him cleaning it off of his wife in one of two ways. The first is with his hands. That’s’ the easiest to go with. If it’s an extreme case of humiliation then he’s going to eat it off of her or out of her. That can be somewhat disturbing for you after you’ve already dropped your load. The more prepared for it you happen to be, the better the whole thing is going to be for you and the couple.