Hookup Tips

How to Hook up with a Married Woman

There are lots and lots of married women out there who hook up with other guys. It’s just a simple fact of nature. They stop getting what they need at home and have to get it elsewhere. If you want to be the guy to give it to them, it can be the most satisfying hook up sex of your life. These women are always desperate for satisfaction and are more than grateful to the men that give it to them. You just have to know what’s going to be in store for you.

Keep your Mouth Shut

The very first thing that you have to do is keep your big mouth shut. You can’t go out blabbing about what you did to a married woman last night. Discretion is a must and it always has to inform your actions and decisions. Just keep what you do together between yourselves. No cheating woman wants her husband to find anything out. If she learns that you’re telling other people what’s going on then she’s just going to cut the whole thing off. That’s never worth getting a high five from your stoner friends.

Be ready when She is

You also have to realize that this is all going to be on her schedule. She’s going to text you or call you when her husband is out or she can slip away. Never try to push her into sex when she says that she can’t have it. It’s going to stress an already stressful situation. That also means that you have to be ready to take care of her at odd hours. If her husband suddenly slips out at midnight and she’s in need, you have to be ready to jump into your car and jump into her.

Make it as Much Fun as Possible

Finally, you just want to make it all as much fun for her as you possibly can. It’s what she’s after in the first place. She’s not risking everything because she wants to have another relationship that isn’t any fun. She wants to have a good time and you get to give it to her. Always have a smile on your face and never burden her with your problems. It’s not why she’s hooking up with you. Show her a good time and you’ll have a booty call that’s more satisfying than any other girl could possibly ever be.