Hookup Tips

How to Hook up with a Roommate

We’ve all had that roommate that absolutely drove us crazy with desire. They may not have been relationship material for us, but they were hot and we needed to bang them. Most people just have to ignore their desires. Having sex with a roommate can just lead to way too many problems. Of course, if you don’t want to just ignore what you want, there are ways to convince your hot roommate to have sex with you and still keep it as a fun side activity rather than something more serious. You just have to do two things.

Make sure she’s interested in someone else

The first step is to make sure that she actually wants to date someone else. This will make the whole thing a lot easier. If she’s interested in someone else then she’s not going to want a relationship out of you. It’s a safeguard that should be in place before you make your move. It’s also best if she’s not actively dating anyone else. That’s an added complication that you don’t want. Cheating with a stranger if one thing but cheating with the person you live with is another.

Get her mind on sex

Once you’ve determined that she won’t be interested in a relationship with you, all you have to do is make her think about sex. It’s easiest f you can do things like “accidentally” let her catch you in the nude. You can also just talk about sex with her. Once her mind is going in that direction, she’s going to want to seek it out with anyone in the vicinity. Luckily for you, that happens to be her roommate. Just make it clear that it’s all for fun. The chances are very high that she’ll decide to accept a hook up with the easiest person in the world to her.