Hookup Tips

How to Hook Up with a Teacher

Lots of men and women fantasize about hooking up with their teachers. It’s just a natural part of going to school. Once you hit college, it becomes something that you can actually do. You’re of legal age so there’s really no reason for the teacher to say no. The only thing that ever stops them is the fear of someone else finding out about it. If you can find a way to make sure they know that’s it just going to stay between the two of you then there’s no reason that you can have all of the teacher sex that you’ve spent so long fantasizing about.

Stay after class

The first move is to find any reason that you can to stay after class with them. You want as much alone time with them as you can possibly get. That’s the real key here. Stay after for extra help and make sure that you let them know you’re mature enough so handle a hook up. You also want to wear something that they just can’t resist. Give them plenty of reasons to check out when you bend over or make them look down at you to see everything that you have to offer them.

Tell dirty jokes

That’s when you want to start talking about sexual things. The best way is to start off with some dirty jokes. That will get their minds into a sexual place whenever you’re around. Make sure you spend a lot of time telling them that it’s only between the two of you. That’s probably the most important. Once you build a sexual tension with your words and they know that it’s something special between the two of you and no one else, that’s when you can make your move. After it happens, keep it to yourself. That’s how you ensure that you turn it all into an ongoing thing.