Hookup Tips

How to Introduce her to Anal

If you have a regular hook up but you’re getting tired with her usual holes, all you really have to do is introduce her to anal sex. It’s really not as difficult or complicated as it seems. You really just have to get her to associate her asshole with pleasure. There are two ways to ease her into the whole thing and introduce her to some back door fun. Once she’s comfortable with liking it up the butt, she’ll quickly want to move onto full on anal sex. This is really what you’re after and it will come with time.

Eat her ass

The first thing you have to do is learn to love eating ass. It’s a real giving sort of move that’s going to show her just how sensitive her pooper really is. As long as it’s nice and clean, you shouldn’t have any issues with it at all. Just start with plain old pussy eating and make your way lower. She may be a little grossed out by it at first, but just stick with it. It feels way too good for her to resist you for very long and you’ll be halfway there.

Finger her rectum

After a few hook ups’ worth of eating her brown eye, you can move onto the next step. This means that it’s time to finger her chocolate factory. Once again, it’s something to do while you’re eating her out. Just get it all nice and lubed up, then slowly slide in your index finger. Keep the pressure light at first, then the trick is to keep sliding your finger in and out while you work her clit with your mouth. Keep going until she cums and she’s going to start associating her ass with orgasms. Just keep doing it until she begs you to stuff her fart box with the real deal and you’ll finally be an anal king.