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How to keep your Hook up a Secret

We all have secrets. It’s just a part of being alive. There are secrets that would embarrass up if anyone knew about them, then there are the secrets that could ruin our lives. If your secret has to do with hook up, then it’s probably the second one. Letting someone find out about a hook up could be very bad for you or it could be very bad fort the person you’re hooking up with. Just think about how quickly your fuck buddy’s life would fall apart if her husband found out that she was banging you. Here’s how you keep your hook ups a secret.

Don’t talk about them

Talking about your hook up is the fastest way for the wrong person to find out about it. Sure, you want to brag to your friends, but that’s the last thing you should do. It’s just not worth it. Hooking up is meant to be fun for the people who are doing it. There’s no reason anyone else has to know. Just keep it to yourself and you’ll be able to keep doing it. Brag about it to feel cool and it’s all going to fall apart.

Use an app to talk

The most important thing you can do is use and app to talk to each other. There are plenty of them out there that delete messages after they’re read. On top of that, you want to delete the app at night. Just have rearranged times when you talk. Install the app, talk and set up your meeting, then delete it. It removes all evidence and you never have to worry about someone going through your phone and seeing what you’ve been up. That’s how you keep you hook up, and yourself, safe.