Hookup Tips

How to last as Long as Possible

The biggest problem with hooking up is that you’re pretty much ready to blow by the time you meet up with your friend for the night. You’re probably not having sex regularly. That means that you’re always backed up when you’re searching for a play pal. By the time you find them, you’ve been waiting and thinking about sex for so long that just a whiff of her perfume is enough to get a load on deck and ready to get fired off. If this is you, here are a few different things that you can do to stop yourself from painting her pelvis in protein before you even take a stroll down her love hall.

Let her ride

The first thing to do is let her ride you. It’s the best way to control yourself during the sex. If you’re on top then you’re tensing muscles and moving things that are designed to make you cum. If you’re on your back and she’s doing all of the work, you can relax and make yourself last longer. You can still be in charge in this position, though. Grab onto her hips and act like a mechanical bull if you want to give her something to write home about.

Relax everything

Tense your pelvis muscles like you have to pee right now. Those muscles that you’re tensing are your worst enemy when you’re trying to hold your load. You have to make sure that they’re completely relaxed while you’re having sex. Just keep it all loose until she has an orgasm on top of you. Once that’s over and she’s happy, tense it all back up and your load will rifle off like a 21 gun salute. Then you’ll have someone who might just be willing to hook up with you again when you’re not so love starved.