Hookup Tips

How to make Her feel Small

There’s a big secret that not a lot of guys know about. It’s that a lot of women enjoy feeling small. They don’t always talk about it, and it’s not shared by every single woman around, but it’s still a big kink. If you’re with someone, then enough women enjoy it to make your chances of being with one who wants to feel small pretty good. This isn’t good in the psychological sense. It’s in the physical sense. They want to feel like they’re small compared to you. Here’s how you go about making it happen for them in the bedroom.

Throw her legs back

When you’re getting ready to slide yourself inside her, grab onto the bottoms of her feet with your hands. Now lift and push back. This is going to push her knees up to her head and raise her pussy right up off the bed. It’s basically going to wrap her up into a little ball. If you really want to give her a domineering presence to enjoy, hook her knees over your shoulders, grab onto her wrists, and hold them behind her head. This will get her all knotted up and feeling about as small as she possibly can underneath you.

You feel huge

This has the added benefit of shortening her vagina. That’s going to have one very good consequence for you. You’re going to feel huge inside her. So huge that she may feel like she can’t take you all in. If this girl is really into feeling small with a man then it’s going to get her off harder than anything else in the world. Just make sure you’re careful when you blow your load. This position is also used as a surefire way to get someone pregnant. If she’s not on the pill and you’re not wearing a condom, then you get to pull out at the last second and shoot your load straight down into her face. It’s a win, win situation!