Hookup Tips

How to Satisfy an Older Hook Up

There’s never going to be a more satisfying hook up than the one that you have with an older woman. An older woman knows what she’s doing and she has the experience the make sure that she’s the best you’ll ever have. They’re so good; in fact, that you might start wondering what you can do to make them as happy as they’re making you. The thing is that they’re probably not going to be satisfied by the things that you’re thinking of. If you’re thinking that you just have to eat them out and make them cum as many times as possible, then you’re not satisfying them. They can get that anywhere. They’re fucking a much younger guy because they want something specific that no one else can offer them.

Use your dick

The very first thing that you have to realize is that an older women is always lacking a stiff and throbbing cock that can give her what she needs. The guys her age just don’t have it in them anymore. They can’t get as hard as they used to and they can’t do it for as long as they want. That’s why an older woman is going to look for a younger guy in the first place. She needs someone with a cock that can still get rock hard for her. Once she finds it, she wants it to jackhammer her old pussy for as long as she can possibly stand. Don’t worry about her not being able to cum from sex. Older women know their bodies and they know how to make them cum. All you have to do is pound their desperate holes for all that you’re worth to make them happy.

Let her satisfy you

When you’re not fucking them with your young cock, the older women just wants to satisfy you. The best thing that you can possibly do is to let her. She needs to make sure that she’s the best you’ve ever had. She’s the older woman and she has the experience. She wants to take care of your entire body and you have to let her do it. She’s going to give you the best blowjob that you’ve ever had and you should always tell her that. Let her use whatever she wants to make you shoot out the biggest loads of your entire life. Then just go to sleep with a smile on your face so she can relax in the knowledge that she gave you the very best.