Hookup Tips

How to Seduce an Older Man

There are plenty of younger women out there who really have a thing for older men. It’s a completely natural thing. Older men have the experience that the younger guys just don’t. Older men are also much more likely to take care of your needs than anyone else. The problem comes when you don’t know how to seduce them. These older guys aren’t always looking for their next lay. In fact, they might be married or dating someone. Still, you’ve set your sights on them and you want them. Here’s how you seduce them without making a fool of yourself.

Show yourself off

The first thing you have to do is show them what you have to offer them. This isn’t the time to try and impress with your maturity level or ability to hold a conversation with them. They can get that anywhere. What they can’t get is someone with a tight, young body that wants to have sex with them. Wear revealing clothes and make sure you show off your best assets. If you’re going to be spending some time with them, go without any panties on. Get yourself into a position where it’s impossible for him not to see up your skirt and you’ll be halfway there.

Talk about sex, not relationship

While you’re talking, find a way to bring up sex. Don’t talk about dating or relationships. That’s not where you want his mind to be. Focus on fun and focus on details. It’s always a nice touch if you can complain how hard it is to find a guy who’s willing to have sex with you. This is going to make his innate desire to protect and care for someone kick in. He’s going to offer up his services in any way that he can.

Don’t text constantly

After you’ve done the deed, if you want things to keep going, don’t treat him like your boyfriend. No older man wants to feel chained down by someone half his age. Just talk to him when you can. Don’t go sending him texts at three in the morning and getting upset when he doesn’t respond. He’s just your hook up at this point and nothing more. Just play it cool and remember to keep your mouth shut about the whole thing if he’s married or dating someone. That’s the best way to just enjoy the things that you like about him.