Hookup Tips

How to send a Dick Pic

Sending a dick pic is just a part of hooking up in today’s modern world. Everyone’s going to send one out at some point. You have to show your potential hook up what you have going on and she’s going to want to know that you’re ready to give her what you want. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should just send one out to everyone in your contact’s list right now. If you want to send a dick pic that gets received with a smile then you just have to follow two very simple rules.

Make sure you’re talking about sex

You never want to open up a conversation with a dick pic. You have to work up to it. That means you have to be in the middle of a conversation about sex before you send it. In fact, you should take the time to ask her if she wants to see it before you send it. If she says that she wants it, then, and only then, can you send it. Doing it without permission is just going to ruin any chance you have of hooking up with her, no matter how much work you’ve already put into it.

Make sure it’s impressive

When it’s time to send it, you have to be hard. You have to be really hard. You have to be impressive and you have to find the best angle to show it off. Don’t just half ass the framing. Make it look big and imposing in the image. If you just aim the camera down and snap away then your dick is going to look like a sad thumb and no one wants that. Get it right and you’ll have a hook up that’s ready to go as soon as you show up at the door.