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How to spank your Hook up

Giving someone a good spanking is a how lot of fun. You get to assert your dominance in a fun way that leaves her itching for more. The thing about it is that most people don’t realize it’s actually an art form. You can’t just pull someone’s pants down and start slapping them. A good spanking takes skill and it takes patience. It also takes a lot of empathy. You have to pay attention to her to make sure that she’s enjoying yourself and that you’re not just inflicting pain. Here’s how you actually give a good spanking.

Slap and rub

The first technique is the slap and rub. This should be the basis of all of your spanking. You make and open fist with your hand, then you strike your palm against her ass. Once you make contact, you leave your hand there, grab onto the skin, and rub the struck area back and forth. This alleviates the pain and stops it from getting too intense and it works in the same way that rubbing a bruise makes it feel better. The gives her the excitement of a quick flash of pain that get quickly dulled to nothing.

Light, light, hard

Once you get going, you want to keep up a rhythm. Spanking in threes works the best. Just make sure that you build up to the hard spank over and over again. The best way to do it is to spank lightly, spank lightly again, then spank hard. Each time you do it, you’re using the slap and rub technique. It brings all of the good parts of a spanking without getting into the pain and soreness of the bad parts. Do it like this and you’re going to have bad girls from all over town stopping by for a good punishment.