Hookup Tips

How to tell if a Coworker wants to Hook up

Everyone has that hot coworker that they really want to bang. It’s the most natural thing in the world then you think about it. You’re around this person more time that you’re with anyone else in the world. Eight hours a day and five a day a week, you’re locked together and it only makes sense that you start looking at each other when you’re horny. Of course the trick is to find out if she’s as into you and you’re into her. If you know what you look for, you can figure it out.

She’ll make excuses

The biggest giveaway is that she makes excuses to spend time around you. That could be working on projects together or it can just be taking the time to talk to you. If she seems to spend more time around you than anyone else then she might just be into you.

She mirrors your movements

There’s an iron clad way of figuring out if someone wants to sleep with you and it has to do with subconscious actions. If you see that’s mirroring your movements, like tilting her head when you tilt yours or touching her hair when you touch yours, then she’s into you. Her mind is trying to tell her that you’re both in sync. It does it by making her do the same things you’re doing without her even knowing it.

Make your move

If these two very important things happen to be true, then you should make your move. Ask her to meet somewhere away from the office and see what happens. You may just end up with an office hook up that you can bang whenever you get bored with work. It’s one of the best ways of getting through the work day.